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Flint Global’s Orphan Transition Program

We’ve partnered with Haulstr, a local mulch & firewood delivery service, for our fundraiser. Schedule your service, and Haulstr donates a portion of each order to local causes.

1. Enter address to see what’s available in your neighborhood.
2. Pick your preferred delivery date.
3. Haulstr donates $5 / cubic yard ordered to our cause (or ~10% for non-mulch orders).

Haulstr will not charge your card until after delivery, and you can reschedule 24 hrs in advance. Haulstr makes mulch simple, and every order supports us!

About Our Cause:
An estimated 11 million orphans face transition into independence and adulthood every year — 30,000 per day, on average. Without the practical skills and connections often cultivated in tight family networks, these resilient youth face countless harsh realities that obstruct their path to breaking the cycles of poverty and abandonment that they were born into. Flint Global's orphan transition program responds to this crisis by equipping orphans with the practical skills and real employment opportunities they need to provide for themselves, flourish in adulthood, and transform their family tree forever. For every $120 per month contributed, one orphan is funded through the program — an at risk youth equipped to truly thrive. Spark change. Become a contributor today.

114 N Cedar Ave. Suite
Cookeville TN 38501

Please share this page with your friends! Every order supports our mission.