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Peace Restored

We’ve partnered with Haulstr, a local mulch & firewood delivery service, for our fundraiser. Schedule your service, and Haulstr donates a portion of each order to local causes.

1. Enter zip code to see what’s available in your neighborhood.

2. Pick your preferred delivery date.

3. Haulstr donates $5 / cubic yard of mulch or $10 / rick of firewood ordered to our cause.

4. Haulstr makes ordering and delivery simple, and every order supports us! If needed, you can reschedule 24 hrs in advance.

About Our Cause:

Peace Restored works with women impacted by difficult life experiences which may include trauma, abuse, and grief through the power of counseling, support, and education. All our services our donation-based meeting women where they are currently. To hear our stories of power, transformation, and growth <a href="https://peacerestored.net" target="_blank">click here.</a>


460 St Clair St
Mooresville, IN 46158