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Building A Refuge

We’ve partnered with Haulstr, a local mulch & firewood delivery service, for our fundraiser. Schedule your service, and Haulstr donates a portion of each order to local causes.

1. Enter zip code to see what’s available in your neighborhood.

2. Pick your preferred delivery date.

3. Haulstr donates $5 / cubic yard of mulch or $10 / rick of firewood ordered to our cause.

4. Haulstr makes ordering and delivery simple, and every order supports us! If needed, you can reschedule 24 hrs in advance.

About Our Cause:

Building a Refuge is a 501c3 non-profit that supports Men's Mental Health Awareness in Central Indiana. Our organization was founded in 2018 by Erik Robinson and Brandon Leum who mental health challenges have directly impacted. In January of 2015, Brandon lost his brother by suicide. Erik just a few years prior, attempted suicide. Thankfully he is with us today to share his story of hope. The goal of our organization is to break down the stigma of men's mental health issues like depression and suicide and give men an outlet to talk, listen, hang out, share stories and build relationships. As men, we know it is hard to open up about the challenges in life we face. Our mission is to bring hope and encouragement to men and assist in building a community to support them through life.