Customer Terms of Service

Effective January 13, 2020


Haulstr deliveries may be made by its own employees, independent contractors, or partners, and these parties are herein referred to as Drivers

Installation may also be made by Haulstr employees, independent contractors, or partners, and these parties are herein referred to as Installers.

Anyone placing an order with Haulstr is herein referred to as a Customer.

Dumpsite Locations:

For most deliveries, placement of product is on the driveway or on any reasonable hard surface. Deliveries requested to be dumped in areas other than driveways are left to the discretion of Haulstr and its Drivers. Area for the dump must be a hard (pavement, packed gravel or cement) and level surface and have ample clearance for truck width, length and raising the dump bed. Please keep in mind that delivery trucks “dump”, and the Customer accepts responsibility to ensure the area is clear of overhead obstructions such as tree limbs, powerlines or basketball hoops. Dumps may not be able to be completed on steep drives with grades > 10%.

If the dumpsite has overhead obstructions or access limitations (such as vehicles blocking access) or other circumstances that prevent delivery at the designated dump site, Haulstr and its Drivers may attempt to dump the product at an alternate location. If no reasonable alternative dump site appears to be available, the customer will be charged the delivery fee, and Haulstr will contact the customer to arrange a second delivery. Customer may also incur a 2nd delivery charge. 

Marking the Dumpsite:

Haulstr recommends using a tarp or cone to mark the dumpsite and to help ensure the exact location. Please be as specific as possible in any dumpsite descriptions. 


Access to Property:

By completing your order at, you grant permission for Haulstr and its Drivers to dump landscape materials at designated sites. Customer acknowledges that neither Haulstr nor its Drivers are responsible for incidental property damage including but not limited to: cracking or staining of driveway surfaces, landscape and/or lawn damage, or other property damage. Customer assumes full responsibility for products unloaded in public right-of-ways (including the risk of damage or injury to others).  

Delivery Times:

Haulstr and its Drivers will work to ensure product is delivered within 90 minutes of the requested delivery window. Due to unforeseen conditions (such as traffic or weather) Haulstr cannot guarantee exact delivery times. 


Mulch Installation:

Haulstr will install mulch if the install option is selected during the ordering process. Mulch will be delivered and installed within the 7 day delivery window the customer chooses when ordering. You will receive email or text alerts leading up to the delivery window, and Haulstr will call before the delivery. Although Haulstr aims to deliver and install mulch same day, mulch may be delivered up to 36 hours in advance of installation. Mulch will be installed within 36 hours of delivery, weather permitting. 

Installers may be Haulstr employees, contractors, or partners. Installation includes natural edging of existing beds, light bed cleanout (see below for definition) prior to installation, and removal of debris created by edging and light cleanout. Natural edging is performed using a spade at an angle to cut in the beds at approximately 3 inches in depth.  Neither Haulstr nor any third party Installer is responsible for damaging any underground lines, including but not limited to perimeter pet fencing, lines for yard lighting, and irrigation systems. Customer should clearly mark any underground lines and communicate the location to Haulstr.


Mulch Depth:

Mulch will be installed at roughly 3 inches in depth.  It is up to the customer to have ordered enough mulch to perform the installation at this depth.  If too much or too little product is ordered, the Installer will use their best judgement whether to spread mulch at a slightly greater or lesser depth or whether to leave some areas unmulched. The homeowner can request the installer to “spread at a depth to cover all areas with the amount of mulch provided.”


Light Bed Cleanout Description:

Light Bed Cleanout definition is as follows:  Installer will rake/blow out thin layers of leaves in mulch or on shrubs.  If the bed is 4 inches deep or more of leaves, we will NOT clean out leaves nor take away debris.  The customer is responsible to have the beds cleaned out if more than 4 inches upon our arrival.  Light bed cleanout of weeds is described as less than 15 clumps of weeds per mulch bed to be removed.  Installer will remove what is considered “light” at 15 clumps.  Anymore would be expected to be cleaned out by the customer.  Or the installer will mulch over weeds with the expectation the customer will pull or kill weeds themselves at a later date. Installer is not responsible for removing debris created by customer.   

Dyed Mulch Recommendations:

If you are ordering color-enhanced mulch, please note that the environmentally-safe mulch dye can cause discolorations and/or stains to driveways, vinyl siding or any light colored material. Haulstr is not liable for any such discolorations. Please consider marking the dump site with a tarp if discoloration is a concern to you. 

Haulstr recommends 48 hours of “dry time” after installation, otherwise the colorant could wash off.  We do not recommend installing colored mulch in times of rain and/or if rain is highly likely within 48 hours.  Avoid sprinkling areas for 48 hours. Haulstr is not liable if colorant washing occurs. 

Yardage Discrepancies: 

If Customer has questions as to the amount of material delivered, please contact Haulstr before applying material to landscapes, so that we can help.  No corrective action can be taken if material is applied.


Cancellations, Rescheduling & Returns

Orders can be cancelled or rescheduled no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery window.  Please contact us or email us at should you need to reschedule or change your order. Orders returned at site before dumped will be charged the delivery fee associated with order. Haulstr cannot provide refunds for bulk mulches or any other products dumped at the delivery site. 


Rain and Inclement weather

In some weather conditions, it may be unsafe for our suppliers, Drivers to load and deliver mulch. Weather may also delay Install. In the case of heavy rains or inclement weather Haulstr maintains the right to reschedule delivery of order. Customers will be contacted with rescheduled delivery options in these cases.


Customer Service

Our aim is to serve you! We provide top products from the best local suppliers, and our staff will do our best to delight every customer and partner. Please contact us anytime with feedback, suggestions, or concerns.


Privacy Policy

Haulstr collects certain Customer information as a part of our ordering process, including name, address, login credentials, email address, and credit card information. The Haulstr checkout is powered and secured by Stripe, a world-leading provider of checkout services for ecommerce sites. Your financial information will not be saved on Haulstr servers nor shared with 3rd parties. We take your privacy very seriously. Unfortunately, however, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your contact information, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from our web sites, and you do so at your own risk. Haulstr reserves the right to share your address, name, and contact information with Drivers, Installers, and with the local cause partner you chose to support when placing your order.