Wood for Good

Bulk firewood delivered and even stacked! Proceeds shared with a local cause

Firewood Delivery

Schedule your firewood delivery with a few easy clicks. We will send reminders via text and email as your delivery date approaches. 

Our firewood is mixed hardwood including oak, ash, cherry, and hickory. Order kiln-dried or air-dried firewood by the rick and choose delivery only, or we can even stack firewood for you!


Our firewood is seasoned Indiana hardwood. Seasoned wood has had time to dry, so it’s easier to ignite. Best of all, our firewood supports inspiring local causes

What’s a rick? 

A stacked rick of wood is ~ 4 feet tall by 8 feet long and 16” wide, although width may vary from 14” – 20”.

How much does it cost? 

Naturally Seasoned is $130 / Rick. Kiln-dried firewood is $175 / rick. Delivery is $75. Stacking is $60 / rick. Add as many ricks as you like to a delivery, and we’ll share proceeds with local causes. 

Firewood Delivery

If you’re searching for “firewood for sale near me,” supporting local businesses might be important to you. At Haulstr, everything is local, from the delivery drivers we hire to our donations to nonprofits even our firewood supplier. We’re keeping your money where it will benefit you and your loved ones most: right here at home.

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By investing in “firewood delivery near me,” you’ll know our product suits your needs because it’s all sourced from within a driving distance of your home. With better service comes deeper understanding. At Haulstr, we can recommend a specific product with expertise catered to your region. Shopping for our local product means higher quality information from people with more time to provide it. One of the best perks of searching “firewood near me delivered” is skipping out on all the call transfers and elevator music that plays when big-box retailers keep you on hold.

Here at Haulstr, we take pride in our top-quality products and services, so we’re dedicated to a convenient firewood delivery experience and everything in-between. When you search “who sells firewood near me,” we want to be your best option.


Bulk Firewood Delivery

At Haulstr, you get quality and quantity with our bulk firewood delivery option. Our firewood is mixed hardwood, ranging between oak, ash, cherry, and hickory. All of these options burn longer and hotter than softwood. Hardwood’s density gets you the most bang for your buck, so you might say we “bring the heat.”

When you need a huge haul of firewood to serve you all winter long, bulk rates are a better deal than shopping by the bundle. Haulstr charges $120 a rick, plus $75 for delivery. You can add as many ricks of firewood as you need to your order, and for each rick, we’ll donate $12 to a local cause. Don’t worry about pallets or crates as you narrow down “bulk firewood delivery near me.” We’ll do all the unloading. 

In fact, with bulk wood, you don’t have to deal with packaging at all. Plastic sealed bags are damaging to your wood over time, encouraging mold growth that makes your logs unusable. Just like with our bulk mulch delivery, Haulstr is committed to reducing plastic pollution, making us the sustainable (and longer-lasting) choice for those searching “who sells bulk firewood near me.”

All you need is the covered storage space to keep your bulk firewood delivery safe and dry. It’s important not to let rain and snow spoil our log quality. Our firewood is seasoned and ready to use, so it doesn’t require a lot of effort to get it burning. You don’t have to worry about the smoke and ash you get with wet wood. But to preserve that freshness, you need a ventilated space. This helps to prevent the moisture that invites bugs and spores, so you keep your logs primed for ignition. As you consider “firewood in bulk near me,” you can review our firewood page for the most updated pricing and product information. For any question you might ask, we have the advice to help you cut down on those heating bills. Talk about bulk savings.


Firewood Online Delivery 

It’s easy to “order firewood online near me” with Haulstr. It’s quick and convenient, just how you want warmth to be. All you do is order by the rick and we deliver to your home! 

The steps for safe, contact-free firewood online delivery are simple:

  1. Go to www.haulstr.com/order
  2. Enter your address.
  3. Select your product and choose the quantity.
  4. Select a delivery date and enter your information.

You decide the waiting period, which makes all the difference on chilly winter nights, especially when you’re hoping for same-day firewood delivery. You’ll get text and email updates as your firewood delivery date approaches, a convenience you can’t expect when you’re searching “home depot firewood delivery” or “firewood home depot.” 

At Haulstr, we also take custom firewood orders. A stacked rick of wood is about 4 foot tall by 8 feet long and 16” wide, but if you need a certain sized log, let us know. We’ll help accommodate your stove or fireplace. You can also always call us for a recommendation of how much wood you need. Our customer service is here to ensure you have the best experience.

We believe customer service doesn’t have to be impersonal. The true value of our firewood online delivery service is in our commitment. Yes, we offer a great product at an affordable price, delivered to your door. But everything behind the dollar sign matters, too. When you choose a “firewood delivery service near me,” you deserve local delivery drivers and service agents who save you time. Every part of your order should feel as nourishing as the comfort and warmth of logs on a fire. From product to sizing recommendations, we will help you feel confident in your firewood order.


Split Firewood For Sale Near Me

When you’re looking for “firewood delivered and stacked near me,” choose Haulstr. We provide top-quality firewood, and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of a quick, easy, consistent burn from a reliable pile of pre-seasoned logs.

Our supplier works to ensure the best dry firewood for sale, with logs pre-split to be delivered to homeowners like you. Our logs are perfectly placed to limit air space, ensuring you’re getting the most value for your rick. Each log is seasoned Indiana hardwood, meaning it’s had time to dry out, so it lights faster. We sell clean, energy-efficient firewood for that good, long burn. No newspaper required.

Our firewood is suitable for all your woodburning traditions, indoor or outdoor. We work to keep our product chopped and seasoned, so you can unwind in front of the mantel or host a lively night around the firepit at a moment’s notice. Even if you just love the decorative look of neatly stacked woodpiles, the fragrance and ambiance of our firewood make your quality time that much more meaningful. Aroma or aesthetic, it’s all about making memories.

With our pre-split, pre-seasoned logs, you can skip out on measuring moisture content, and avoid risking pests and disease. All you have to look forward to is a beautiful wood rack and a long season of gorgeous, roaring fires. Easy access is best so you don’t have to forage out in the cold winter winds for your bundle. Just make sure to place your logs away from your home to discourage termites.

And speaking of close to home — local firewood isn’t just a matter of convenience. Sustainable purchases have a huge impact on the environment, from your community to the planet at large. With less pollution and congestion, your local purchase of “split firewood for sale near me” ensures you’re not just getting the quality of the product you expect, but the quality of life you hope to enjoy.


Firewood Companies Near Me

By now you’ve realized there’s a huge difference between buying firewood locally and buying from big box stores. It’s a heartwarming feeling to heat your home with wood that originated right in your backyard, rather than Home Depot firewood or Lowe’s. But choosing between “firewood companies near me” is about much more than log quality, or even finding the cheapest option.

As we’ve mentioned, our customers rave about the wonderful service they receive from our support team and delivery drivers. Haulstr is here to ensure you receive the best customer service from start to finish.

But the best benefit of shopping “firewood near me” with Haulstr is that you get to give back to your local community. Our donation option makes it easy for you to show up for your neighbors in need. For each rick of firewood ordered, Haulstr donates $12 to a local charitable cause. Giving these nonprofits a boost allows you to support and benefit from their services. Essentially, an order with Haulstr is an investment in a better present and future for your community.

It’s not just nonprofits. When you support local ownership, your money is strengthening your area’s economy overall, keeping dollars circulating for infrastructure, schools, government, and more. When your community prospers, it opens up a ton of possibilities for its potential. Our vision is to provide a better experience in what you purchase AND how you live.

Included in that vision is creating jobs for our community’s residents. Choosing Haulstr’s local firewood delivery stimulates the employment rate around you with high-paying gigs. The Haulstr employees delivering your firewood will be people you can trust because they’re your neighbors. Many of Haulstr’s drivers are community service members, such as veterans and firefighters. In so many different ways, you can feel better connected to your community by shopping local firewood delivery than you would by picking up Safeway firewood.

Know of a wonderful inspiring cause you would like to support? Or you’re part of a nonprofit and wwants to become a partner? Submit your information today!

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