Frequently Asked Questions

How much mulch do I need?
When you go to start your order, we’ll provide a mulch calculator. Or, if you are used to bagged mulch, 1 yard of mulch = 16 bags of mulch. 
How can I support one of the nonprofit partners?

Want to have a portion of your order go towards a great cause? Complete your order on one of our partner pages, and Haulstr will donate $5 for every yard of mulch ordered to our nonprofit partner. Check out our nonprofit partners here

Can Haulstr deliver bags?

Haulstr delivers mulch in bulk directly to your home, allowing you to avoid the hassle of picking up and dropping off mulch. Our locally-sourced bulk mulch is a better value for our customers, and also better for our environment.

Can you dump the mulch where I need it?

When you order, you will be asked to specify where you want the mulch delivered. Please provide as much detail as possible. Consider marking the spot with a cone or other indicator. Note that mulch is delivered on a 12” trailer. If you have a steep driveway, tight spaces, or live on a very busy road, please read through specifics in our customer terms and conditions

Will you remind me when my order is arriving?

Life is busy…we get it! Haulstr will send email and text notifications as your delivery date nears. On the day of your order, you’ll be notified when your driver is on the way.

What happens if it rains?

Haulstr will deliver mulch as scheduled during light to moderate rain unless you reschedule. In heavy rain or thunderstorms, it may not be possible to deliver mulch. Haulstr will notify you via email and/or text to reschedule your delivery.  

What is the Community and Convenience Fee?

In short, this makes our simple scheduling, dependable deliveries and community impact possible. By employing (W2) high quality drivers at a higher than average wage, we provide outstanding gigs for drivers you can depend on. It also funds the Haulstr technology to make scheduling mulch simple and to manage our nonprofit partner pages and donations.

Our Community and Convenience Fee supports:
-Nonprofit partnerships
-Driver payroll & taxes
-Tech and innovation
-Trucks, gas, loading, etc.

When am I charged for mulch?

You can complete your order today and schedule delivery for the spring. Your card will not be charged until your mulch is delivered.

Who will be delivering my mulch?

Our trusted drivers—our Haulstars—comprised mainly of veterans and first responders, will be delivering your order.

How do I schedule my delivery?

When completing your order, you’ll choose a 1-hour delivery window. Delivery times are available Wednesday-Saturday.

Can I reschedule or update my order?

Of course! You can reschedule or update your order on our Orders page.

Can you deliver to my address?

Haulstr currently serves the northside of Indianapolis and the northern suburbs of Indianapolis. If you’re outside our area, contact us, and we’ll find a way to help. Check out our delivery map or check your address here. We’ll expand to all of Indy and surrounding suburbs in 2021.

Do you offer any type of delivery other than mulch?

We plan on expanding our delivery offerings and services. Have a special request today? Contact us, and we’ll do our best to help!