Why Haulstr?

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Why Choose Haulstr?

We believe neighbors should take care of one another. So we built Haulstr to deliver service and convenience to our neighbors while helping local causes, entrepreneurs, and companies thrive.

Experienced Team: We are entrepreneurs with over a century of combined experience serving homeowners. We’ve also built tech companies. 5-star service + convenient tech = happy homeowners.

Local Focus: You will probably see us around the neighborhood. Our kids may go to school with your kids. We’re community driven. It’s why we run dozens of mulch and firewood fundraisers. It’s why we refer local service companies to help when we can’t.

Happy Neighbors:  Check out our customer reviews or have a look at our gallery of projects.

What’s “Spread the Good”?

    That’s our golden rule…Here is how we put it into action:

    Give Back: Our mulch and firewood fundraisers support dozens of schools, teams, and nonprofits.

    Serve Local: Serving local homeowners. Supporting local causes. Referring local service companies. Choosing local suppliers & service partners. 

    Become an Owner: We help the best service workers become owners. Haulstr runs tech, accounting, marketing, and customer service, so they can focus on serving customers. By partnering with Haulstr, Pete & Bob started the dumpster business & Derek founded the patio company. Check ’em out in the below team section.

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    Our Leaders

    The Haulstars are a collection of curious entrepreneurs. We are problem solvers who think a bit differently. ie:

    • Frank is a logistics wizard who designed and built a half million dollar mulch-dying rig.
    • Derek has a masters in engineering…he can design and build unreal patios in his sleep! 
    • Travis built Indy’s premier landscape / hardscape company with Hoosier Landscape Group. 
    • Dan and Carey have each built and run tech companies in things like IoT and marketing tech.

    Travis Tetrault

    Co-Founder: Sales & Service

    Owner Hoosier Landscape Group

    Dan Hanrahan

    Co-Founder: Marketing & Tech

    20 years as Entrepreneur

    Frank Quiroz

    Co-Founder: Suppliers & Logistics

    15 Years in Mulch Business

    Carey Jones

    Chief Operating Officer

    Derek Herring

    Owner: Patios & Landscaping

    Josh Snyder

    Owner: Irrigation

    Peter Kirkpatrick

    Owner: Dumpster Rentals


    Bob Housel

    Owner: Dumpster Rentals


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