Why Mulch for Good?

“It started with a simple idea to use mulch as a catalyst for our community. It’s grown beyond mulch, and some pretty amazing things have happened along the way!”

Our Story

At first glance, Haulstr’s founders couldn’t be more different. Frank is a mulch renaissance man…did you know that existed? Travis builds companies in home services and landscaping. Dan is a software entrepreneur. We are all raising our families in the Indianapolis area. We care about our neighborhoods, schools, local businesses, and causes. We wanted to create a company that fueled our community. 

Haulstr came together quickly in January 2020 when Frank saw a gap in residential mulch, which was often a pain for homeowners, mulch suppliers, and retailers alike. At the same time, our kids were bringing home old-school fundraisers requiring door-to-door sales and volunteers to distribute products. These fundraisers were frustrating for parents and kids, as well as the schools, teams, and nonprofits managing them.

So, we built Haulstr to offer:

  • Uber-like convenience for homeowners who need bulk deliveries of mulch and firewood. 
  • A contact-free digital fundraiser supporting the local causes we love. Think AmazonSmile.

We delivered mulch to over 1,000 homeowners that first spring and donated thousands of dollars to dozens of local causes. Schools asked if we could do a fall fundraiser, so we launched firewood delivery. Homeowners asked if we could install mulch, so we partnered with local landscapers. In 2022, we acquired a patio construction business and partnered with top-rated providers to make it easy for homeowners to schedule other services like tree trimming. Friends reached out from other cities to ask if they could launch Haulstr to grow their communities.

Most of our good ideas come from the people we serve. Thank you!

Simple Idea. Big Impact.

It started with a simple idea to use mulch as a catalyst for our community. It’s grown quickly, and some pretty amazing things have happened along the way. Haulstr:

  • Helps local business owners grow their residential service companies.
  • Creates high-paying gig economy jobs for local drivers and landscapers. 
  • Eliminates plastic waste from bagged mulch. 
  • Increases capacity and sales for local mulch producers.
  • Provides a better way for local retailers to offer mulch and firewood . 
  • Equips entrepreneurs in other cities with our business model, so they can impact their communities with a Haulstr location. 

Thanks to the neighbors, friends, drivers, causes, and partners who have helped us in so many ways. We owe ya!

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Culture & Team

We believe the best way to create a meaningful culture is to surround ourselves with good humans. We call them Haulstars. Cheesy?…yep! But exceptional people are the key to a big impact. 

To serve local causes and homeowners (we consider both our customers), we recruited a network of the best drivers, landscapers, retail partners, and mulch suppliers. We consider each to be a part of the Haulstar team. 

Travis Tetrault

Co-Founder: Sales & Service

Owner Hoosier Landscape Group

Dan Hanrahan

Co-Founder: Marketing & Tech

20 years as Entrepreneur

Frank Quiroz

Co-Founder: Suppliers & Logistics

15 Years in Mulch Business

Poe Daggett

Director of Marketing

Peter Kirkpatrick

Driver Leader


Nathan Doyle

Delivery Logistics

Derek Herring

Operations Director

Carey Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Our Values

Spread the Good:

The more we give, the more we receive. The more we grow our people and community, the more Haulstr grows. It’s our Golden Rule. 

Choose Local:

Empower and give back to local communities. Every decision is made from the bottom-up. New markets decide what is best for their communities.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Da Vinci. Eliminate unnecessary steps and automate. Reduce noise so teams can focus on 5-star service.

Ask Why:

Be genuinely curious. Ask “why” to understand what’s important and to know how to help. Experiment daily and measure everything.

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