Landscaping Services

Work with our team to create a landscape design for your outdoor oasis that might include new mulch beds, plants, trees or retaining walls.


From refreshes of annuals and perennials to complete backyard transformations, work with our team to design an outdoor space that you will enjoy every day.

  • Project Design
  • Grading
  • Grass Seed or Sod Install
  • Mulch or Decorative Stone Beds
  • Plant and Tree Install
  • Irrigation Install and Maintenance
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscape and Structures


Looking for Patios & Firepits? 

We provide full service hardscaping including water features, fire features, gas and natural fire pits, patios, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens.

We Make It Easy

We love the outdoors and want to help more people get outside enjoying their yards. 

How it Works:

Submit our request form, so we can learn more about your project. You’ll meet our team, learn more about our process and decide if you’d like to take next steps with them. 

Landscaping Services

Save time and effort with Haulstr, one of the top choices for “lawn care and landscaping services near me.” Browse our current list of landscape services:

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Landscaping Services

Save time and effort with Haulstr, one of the top choices for “lawn care and landscaping services near me.” Browse our current list of landscape services:

Mulch Delivery: $26.95-$48.95 per cubic yard

We offer dyed and natural mulch grades made from local Indiana hardwood, delivered directly to your home. As a part of our business model, Haulstr donates $5 per cubic yard of your bulk mulch order to a community cause of your choice. Once you reserve your mulch delivery, we’ll send reminders so you never miss a drop-off. From saving the environment to saving time, all of your concerns will be handled.

Mulch Installation: $75.00 per cubic yard

Once you order your locally-sourced bulk mulch, our team can also install and edge that mulch for a crisp-looking lawn. Each landscaper is a top-rated professional and precisely who you’d find when searching “best landscapers near me.” We coordinate everything so you have peace of mind, from weather delays to risk-free payment (you even have up to 24 hrs in advance of your install week to reschedule). Make sure to book your mulch installation early — we get more orders every season!

 Brush Haul Away: $125 a truckload

Are you not looking forward to clearing those piles of logs, sticks, leaves? We don’t blame you — it’s like work before work. Hire Haulstr for brush haul away so you can get your gardening underway. Our service allows you to fill a truck bed 9 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 4 feet tall with yard trimmings, but we’re more than willing to customize this service to help you rid your yard of any debris. Our drivers will swing by to pick up whatever you leave curbside, then take the load to be recycled by local mulch and soil providers. It’s completely sustainable, and as an added feel-good bonus, $10 per order is donated to local causes like animal rescues and food pantries.


Landscaping Services Near Me

You don’t have to look any further for “affordable landscaping near me” because we’re now part of the solution if you need gardening assistance. Haulstr is expanding our landscaping services in 2022! Here are some of the new offerings you can expect in the coming year: 

  • Plant installation
  • Landscape renovations
  • Hardscaping
  • Landscape installation

So what does that mean? You can avoid internet rabbit holes of research and price comparisons of “small job landscapers near me.” Because when you shop Haulstr, you can trust us to provide the best landscaping service through our reliable and professional landscapers. They’re working with the exact right amount of product you need, which is all eco-friendly. The drivers dropping off the product are often first responders, typically firefighters and veterans. And the proceeds for every order go on to support our community partners, including cancer research. You’re supporting local at every level, and we’ll help your project at every level anything from design to finish grade.

At Haulstr, it’s our goal to do the heavy lifting in every sense. Our focus is to ensure we deliver to residential customers like you on both the product and service sides, so the choice is yours. You can opt into any of our enriching products and DIY the application (a bit more budget-friendly) or have us handle the aesthetic for the ultimate curb appeal. When you search “landscaping services near me,” you’ll find that each of our services includes simple online ordering, convenient scheduling, and safe, contact-free delivery.

To see which of our landscape maintenance services will be available in your neighborhood, begin an order today. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Enter your address.
  2. Select your product, service, and community cause.
  3. Schedule your service window and pay (we don’t charge your card until after delivery).

That’s it. You’re well on your way to an outdoor upgrade. If your search starts with “landscapers near me free estimates,” we get it. You’re a savvy shopper. Call up our local customer service to get a quote.


Residential Landscaping Services

From front lawns to backyards, resort to Haulstr to care for your residential landscape maintenance. Everything we do is to build a better community, so Haulstr’s classic and upcoming landscaping services are made for homeowners. (Be on the lookout for commercial landscaping services in the future we’re always finding new ways to grow our business and your gardens).

Our current “grassroots” offerings include mulch and firewood delivery, installations, and brush haul away, so we’re the perfect fit for those looking for “small job landscaping near me.” We’ll guide you through your custom landscaping projects to keep everything tidy and trimmed because we’re all about making each home the best it can be. Our experts can even offer mulching tips and tricks to identify the most suitable product for your plants and climate. 

Our residential landscaping services strive to help neighborhoods thrive because we care about your home and everything around it. We also donate ~$30 per order to a local cause. Shopping with Haulstr does what’s right by your yard and your community. Because as you support us, you support our initiative, “Spread the Good.” Haulstr’s giveback model is built into our online ordering system. When you schedule “residential landscaping services near me” through Haulstr, we donate a portion of each order to nonprofits, charities, and other community causes. This includes donation options for national non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and Make-a-Wish, all the way down to local restaurants and arts programs.

By selecting “Haulstr Choice,” you can also defer to our judgment, and we’ll redirect those proceeds to one of our favorite causes. You can also refer to the name of an organization you’d like us to support. If you’re curious about our current fundraising roster, check out our local causes in your area. Are you interested in becoming a nonprofit partner? Share your cause to start raising money.


Landscaping Services List

Haulstr is now offering essential lawn care services to take care of your larger landscaping projects “outside” of mulch delivery and installation. We’re offering this labor under a new umbrella called Haustr Custom.

So, what does landscape maintenance include? Browse our landscaping services list below:

  • Just Plants: A gorgeous garden without getting your hands dirty. Annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs are perfectly planted using topsoil and the supplements necessary for best growth. We can install what you’ve already purchased before our arrival, or we can design a landscaping plan together and bring the plants with us.
  • Landscape Renovations: This service includes complete or partial landscaping renovation, from the demolition of your existing backyard to the design and installation of your new oasis.
  • Hardscaping: The best backyard is the one that all can enjoy. So, in addition to beautifying your outdoor space, we’re adding the custom design and build of liveable spaces. We’ll collaborate with you on patios, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor structures, such as gazebos and pergolas.
  • New Custom Home Landscaping: Haulstr Custom is equipped to handle landscaping from the ground up. We’ll work on every aspect of your dream home’s landscape installation, from initial design to budget planning.

Not sure which of these landscape enhancements is suitable for your yard? Our team of Haulstars is here to help answer any of your questions. You can speak directly to our team to get a 1:1 consultation. You don’t have to fill out a form, do additional research, or create endless to-do lists. You can start with our current landscape services price list on our products page. To ensure that scheduling in advance is as convenient as it sounds, we don’t charge anything until your chosen service is complete. Our community and convenience fee of $90 is already included.

Fall Clean-Up Landscaping

Consider Haulstr as part of your fall yard clean-up checklist. We extend our brush haul away for fall clean-up landscaping, so you can rely on us to recycle any seasonal yard trimmings, from wood chips to wood-stemmed bushes and shrubs and of course, raking all those leaves!

Mulching in fall provides insulation to protect your plants from freezing temps, allowing them to go dormant. Many of our customers also mulch again as the temperatures drop. Simply mark your desired dump site, and we’ll bring a batch of fall mulch to you. As always, an install is also an option. The most popular of Haulstr’s fall services is our firewood delivery, detailed below.

Firewood Delivery: $120 per rick

Haulstr delivers local Indiana hardwood for firewood to your home. While our drivers don’t stack the wood, it’s well worth the expense. Our logs are made from classic hardwood varieties such as oak, ash, cherry, and hickory to guarantee the best burn for your fire. And our premium firewood is all pre-seasoned, pre-split local logs. No chopping and no extra time spent drying out the wood. With our logs, you light your fire quickly and easily. Our customers order by the rick, with one rick of wood equaling a stack about 4 feet tall by 8 feet long and 16” wide. So for each rick of firewood you order, we will donate $12 to one of our local causes, such as community bikes and youth groups (or another you suggest). In this case, our giveback model still applies, but we refer to it as Wood for Good.

Haulstr is continually expanding our service offerings, and as we get closer to the end of the year, we look forward to offering additional fall landscaping services. Our customers will always be the first to receive the best deals on any of our landscaping fall cleanup prices.