Spread the Good

Fishers Falcons

We’ve partnered with Haulstr, a local mulch & firewood delivery service, for our fundraiser. Schedule your service, and Haulstr donates a portion of each order to local causes.

1. Enter zip code to see what’s available in your neighborhood.

2. Pick your preferred delivery date.

3. Haulstr donates $5 / cubic yard of mulch or $10 / rick of firewood ordered to our cause.

4. Haulstr makes ordering and delivery simple, and every order supports us! If needed, you can reschedule 24 hrs in advance.

About Our Cause:

The Fishers Falcons Baseball Club is an organization that is founded on principles beyond the diamond. Founded in the Fall of 2018, the Fishers Falcons set out to establish the following foundational tenets: fundamental baseball development, community service, and mentoring. Life skills developed on and beyond the diamond to impact the world in small and big ways. Good baseball players and great kids from tremendous families. When those three come together, the dynamics of youth sports changes for the better. Join the tradition and see how baseball can change lives.