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We’ve partnered with a local mulch & firewood delivery service, Haulstr, on a fundraiser:

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More about our cause:

Wolf Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit education, conservation, and research facility located in Battle Ground Indiana. Since our establishment in 1972 by founder Dr. Erich Klinghammer, we have studied wolves and other wild canids to learn more about their behavior and assist researchers in the wild. Our primary scientific focus is ethology, or, rather, the study of the biology behind the behavior. We assist researchers around the world with studies of subjects including cognition, behavior, and comparative between wild and captive animals. In more recent years, researchers of even more diverse disciplines have studied with us through their respective national and international organizations. Each year we teach thousands of visitors about the importance of predators in the ecosystem. Our programs are ever-evolving for the general public with updated facility tours, specialized walking talks, education interludes, howl nights, guest speakers, special events, seminars, camps, and more. With the help of our volunteers, the park is able to carry out conservation-based projects for the species living naturally on our property. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, invasive species removal, pollinator garden planting, nature preserve management, bat box installations, creation of bluebird house trails, and more. Following the three main tenets of our mission, we work every day to better the lives of the individuals we work with and their relatives in the wild by means of coexistence education, voluntary husbandry practices, and overall high standards of animal welfare and care.

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