Haulstr Ecommerce Plugin

Haulstr works with mulch suppliers to make eCommerce and online scheduling simple for homeowners. In some cities, we also run mulch fundraisers, so that every order supports local causes.

How We Help Mulch Suppliers:

We partner with mulch suppliers to take the headache out of residential mulch. The three most common ways we help include:
    1. Software Platform: Includes eCommerce, Scheduling, and Delivery software that simplifies residential mulch.
    2. Mulch Fundraisers: We recruit nonprofits and manage fundraisers to attract new residential customers.
    3. Delivery Services: We provide the trucks and drivers. You load us up with mulch, and we deliver the goods.

Some partners pick just one lane, or Haulstr can manage the entire residential mulch business.

The Haulstr Mulch Platform:

Haulstr can stand up your eCommerce site on our platform, which was built specifically for residential mulch, soil, and gravel delivery. We will have you live in a few days.

    • Ops Software: It’s simple to add a truck or remove a truck, or to adjust advanced notice requirements. These adjustments determine open delivery times and dates customers can schedule online.
    • Driver App: Our driver app makes hauling mulch a breeze with product, quantity, and customer details visible on each driver’s smart phone.
    • eCommerce: Our eCommerce is proven, intuitive and secure. Run reports, edit orders, reschedule orders, and more.

“Within a few months of our first meeting, Haulstr was responsible for $300k of high margin business for our mulch yard.”

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