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How We Help Mulch Suppliers

We partner with mulch suppliers to take the headache out of residential mulch. The three most common ways we help include:

Mulch eCommerce

Includes eCommerce and delivery scheduling loaded with your products, pricing, and availability.

Video Transcript

0:01 Hey everybody, it’s Dan Hanrahan, I’m the co-founder of Haulstr, and I’m going to continue the story of American mulch producers and how Haulstr helps them sell more mulch. 

0:11 Here we are acting as Randy’s marketing agency. We essentially run all marketing programs for Randy, allowing him to focus on producing Detroit’s premium mulch and serving his customers. 

0:25 So in a prior video, we talked a little bit about our residential efforts on the e-commerce and scheduling side. Check that out as well, but here we’re going to talk primarily about marketing. 

0:35 Haulstr also has trucks and drivers and delivers thousands of loads for mulch yards in Indianapolis where we started our business a few years back. 

0:44 So everything is really about helping mulch yards sell more mulch, whether it’s commercial or residential. So Randy really wants to sell truckloads of mulch to landscapers and nurseries near Detroit. 

0:57 And so these are some of the campaigns we have run for Randy across email and SEO, social et cetera. We do some old school stuff like voice mail marketing and email marketing as well, but it’s a complete picture that we really start as a phased approach.

1:12 We didn’t do all this on day one, but we set up some foundational things. And as time has gone on, we can train Randy’s team to take them over and run them. 

1:19 We set up all the accounts for you so that you have ownership. And you can run those if you want. 

1:24 And it allows us to focus on the next innovative thing, the test out, try and bring to your system. Give you a quick example for Randy. 

1:34 So I just ran a quick search for mulch supplier in Detroit, Michigan, and you can see American mulch producers is pulling up front and center on the maps listings where the first results in the natural listings results. 

1:51 So whether you’re searching from your mobile phone or your laptop or from Google Maps, American mulch producers are the first free listing. 

1:58 We’ve earned that opportunity. A little further. Now, we don’t do as much of this anymore, but we do run ads.

 2:04 In the early days, it’s a good way to test things out. So we do have some paid listings as well. 2:09 But the reason we’re able to win that is because we’ve invested in SEO. So we’ve created a page on Randy’s site. 

2:17 As you go down further you’ll see there’s a ton of content, mulch calculator, mulch companies near me, bulk mulch delivery. 

2:24 These are all signals to Google to service up American mulch producers at the top of the results. But again that didn’t happen overnight. 

2:32 We first sat down with Randy and under and the keywords that people use when searching for the products that he wanted to sell. 

2:42 We ran ads, we ran social posts, we gathered reviews, we localized his business, again, created his local business profile and optimized that, so that Google sees that. 

2:57 And these front and center. And of course, we nailed some things out of the gates, but we didn’t get it all right. 

3:02 And we go back to the drawing board and measure and optimize so that we can get it right. So again, Haulstr creates a ton of campaigns for Detroit, for Indianapolis, ton of content around mulch, we’ve tried all kinds of different things and different channels and way to find customers. 

3:21 So you’re able to sort of shortcut that learning curve and get the right technology and the right channels and the right content to track kind of customers that you need. 

3:31 So we hope we can take care of you as well. We’re looking to run our program in a new city and help you someone mulch where you are. 

3:40 So if you have questions or comments, give me a call, send us an email. Now we’ll be happy to dig in and share a few ideas with you.

Digital Marketing

Haulstr has created hundreds of marketing campaigns for mulch across social, email, ads and more.

Video Transcript

0:01 Everybody, I’m Dan Hanrahan, I’m the co-founder at Haulstr, and I’m going to share a little bit how we help mulch yards sell more mulch. 

0:09 I’ll do that by sharing some examples from American mulch producers. We’ve been working with Randy the owner for several years now.

0:17 He called and asked if we could run his marketing and help him with online ordering and scheduling. And those are things that we had been doing in Indianapolis where we founded our business and had been helping mulch yards sell more mulch especially to residential homeowners here in Indy. 

0:34 So it seemed like a natural extension to help Randy in Detroit. We do that by running Randy’s marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, everything that you would expect to attract customers and then ultimately help them order through our e-commerce and scheduling system. 0:52 Homeowners can have some challenges in the mulch yard, especially when you’re selling semi-loads of mulch to nurseries and landscapers. 

1:00 So we allow Randy’s residential customers to schedule an order online and often without talking to Randy staff at all. We also run trucks and drivers so we deliver loads for mulch yards. 

1:11 We don’t do this in Detroit. We’re likely to do it next year but in Indianapolis we deliver thousands of loads for local yards. 

1:17 So, I’m going to show you some real examples. If I’m a homeowner looking for mulch, I’m probably going to start searching for mulch delivery, near Detroit, Michigan, for example, or bulk mulch near me. 

1:32 There’s countless search terms I might hit and we’ve kind of gone through a lot of those. You’ll see some sponsored, these are paid ads, these are Google ads. 

1:39 We did run lots of Google ads at the outset, but over time, what we really want to do is win the free listing at the top of the search results for the search terms in Detroit. 

1:49 And so you’ll see Haulstr listed number one in the natural results. Results you also see us listed here on the maps section which is really important whether people are searching from their laptop or their phone we want to show up prominently in both places. 

2:02 So as I continue my journey looking for mulch delivery to my home you’ll come to a page that’s co-branded Haulstr and amp for Detroit. 

2:12 Delivery and immediately you get into the ordering process if I enter a Detroit zip code that’s within Randy’s delivery. Radius, then we’ll show Randy’s products.

2:23 So, Mulch soil compost, as I click into mulch, we’ll see the images and the pricing and all the details around the products that Randy has. 

2:31 We can quickly change and update all of this. And then Randy’s got a minimum order size of three cubic yards. 

2:38 So let’s order five yards in mulch. And of course next, I need to schedule when it can be delivered. We can configure this any way you like. 

2:45 So we give you as much advance notice for these orders or caps of orders on one day. So we watch. 

2:50 To get additional time slots and options to customers. But as I walk through here, let’s just have them deliver my mulch on my driveway. 

2:59 And then I can go to checkout, which is a pretty standard process. Do have customer terms so people aren’t asking me to deliver much to their roof whatever it might be that crazy things the customers can do you can also see cards options to check out. 

3:18 Once a customer does order, we’ll send an order confirmation email, we’ll also send them text and email alerts as the delivery date nears and after the delivery has happened, send them a request for reviews, etc. 3:29 And that all happens, it’s all set up, takes us very little time to configure this for a new customer. As we talked with Randy, the other thing you know, how we could work with him in a way that he is used to. 

3:42 So we’re open, but the way that we work with Randy is we buy mulch at wholesale prices, just like any landscaper or nursery mite. 

3:49 And then we sell them at retail prices. And so Randy selling more mulch without having to worry about marketing e-commerce. 

3:56 And Haulstr is attracting and making it easy for homeowners to get the products they want. So again, we run Randy’s marketing e-commerce and scheduling. 

4:05 We can run trucks and drivers. We do offer just strict marketing services for mulch as well that doesn’t include our e-commerce. 

4:14 And we can help Randy quite a bit actually. More as a marketing agency for him to drive and attract those commercial clients. 

4:22 If you have questions, I want to dig in a little further. Please email me, call us, happy to share more stories and learn about your business and hope to have an opportunity to help you.

Delivery Services

We provide the trucks and drivers. You load us up with mulch, and we deliver the goods to your customers.

“Within a few months of our first meeting, Haulstr was responsible for $300k of high margin business for our mulch yard.”

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