Dumpster Service Near Me

Easy-load, driveway-friendly dumpsters. Owned and operated by local firefighters.

10 Yard Dumpster

Price: $320 for 3 days or $350 for 7 days

Rental Details

  • Dumpster drop off/pick up and disposal fees are included
  • Need more time? $15 per day starting on the 8th day
  • Holds approximately 4 pickup truck loads.
  • Up to 1 ton included. Additional tonnage: $80 per ton(prorated). Max of 3 tons.

Dumpster dimensions and features

  • 10 yard dumpster is 14′ long, 85″ wide, 34″ high.
  • Easy to-operate door, walk debris directly into the dumpster.
  • Driveway protection included with every rental.

Read our FAQ about what items can not be placed into a dumpster.

20 Yard Dumpster

Price: $425 for 3 days, $475 for 7 days

Rental Details

  • Dumpster drop off/pick up and disposal fees are included
  • Need more time? $15 per day starting on the 8th day
  • Holds approximately 8 pickup truck loads
  • Up to 2 ton included. Additional tonnage: $80 per ton(prorated). Max of 3 tons.

Dumpster dimensions and features

  • 20 yard dumpster is 14′ long, 85″ wide, 64″ high
  • Easy to-operate door, walk debris directly into the dumpster
  • Driveway protection included with every rental.

Read our FAQ about what items can not be placed into a dumpster.

How to Order a Dumpster

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Accept Our Quote

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Dumpster Drop Off & Pick Up

Our team of skilled drivers will deliver your dumpster safely and on time to your requested address. Based on the duration of the rental, they will return to remove the dumpster and allow you to complete your project!

What Customers Are Saying

“Haulstr was great! The process of renting the dumpster was quick and easy and the dumpster was delivered within a day. I would definitely use them again!”

Judy O.

“Great dumpster rental service. Very quick to respond.”


Todd T.

Dumpster Service Near Me

Dumpster service near me is an essential consideration for homeowners, businesses, and contractors who require waste management solutions during construction, remodeling, or large-scale cleanup projects. Choosing a local dumpster service near me will not only save time and effort but also contribute to the local economy and reduce the environmental impact of hauling waste over long distances.

One of the main reasons people search for “local dumpster service near me” is because it ensures that they are working with a company that is familiar with the area’s regulations and disposal requirements. Local dumpster rental providers typically have established relationships with recycling centers and landfill sites, ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines while minimizing transportation costs. Moreover, working with a nearby company allows for faster delivery and pickup times – a crucial factor in any project that generates waste materials.

Another aspect to consider when looking for a dumpster service near me is the availability of various sizes and types of dumpsters. Different projects generate different amounts and types of waste; therefore, it is vital to choose a provider that offers options suitable for your specific needs. Dumpster rental sizes typically range from 10 to 40 cubic yards – accommodating everything from small home renovations to large commercial construction projects.

When searching for “dumpster rental near me,” one should also consider pricing as an essential factor in choosing the right provider. Competitive pricing rates play a significant role in making the right choice; however, one must not compromise on quality services or reliability just to save some costs. A reputable dumpster service company will provide transparent pricing without hidden fees while still maintaining excellent customer support throughout the rental process.

In conclusion, when seeking out a local dumpster service near me, it is crucial to evaluate factors such as proximity to your location, available dumpster sizes, pricing transparency, and adherence to local regulations concerning waste disposal. By considering all these aspects carefully before engaging a dumpster rental company’s services, you can ensure your project runs smoothly without unnecessary delays or complications related to waste management. Remember that partnering with the right dumpster service provider can make a significant difference in the success of your project and the impact on the environment.

Small Dumpster Rental

Small dumpster rental services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more individuals and businesses recognize the value of efficient, cost-effective waste management solutions. These rentals offer a convenient way to dispose of waste materials from a variety of sources, such as home renovations, landscaping projects, and small-scale construction endeavors. With easy accessibility and affordability being key factors, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to providers offering small dumpster rental near them.

One of the primary reasons for this growing trend is the convenience offered by a small dumpster service near me. Such services typically provide prompt delivery and pick-up options tailored to meet specific project timelines. Moreover, these dumpsters come in various sizes, allowing customers to select the one that best suits their requirements. For instance, 10-yard dumpster rental prices near me are relatively lower than those for larger containers since they can accommodate smaller volumes of waste.

The 10-yard dumpster is an excellent choice for those who need a compact yet effective solution for disposing of residential or commercial waste. Ideal for minor home improvement tasks or cleaning out cluttered garages or basements, these dumpsters can hold up to 10 cubic yards of debris – equivalent to approximately three pickup trucks’ worth. In addition to their space-saving design and versatility, 10-yard dumpster rental prices near me are competitive in comparison with larger dumpsters.

For more substantial projects requiring greater waste disposal capacity, the 20-yard dumpster rental comes into play. Its dimensions allow it to hold twice as much debris as its smaller counterpart while still maintaining a manageable footprint on your property. As expected, 20-yard dumpster rental prices near me will be higher due to increased volume capabilities; however, it’s essential to evaluate whether this size is more appropriate based on your needs.

In conclusion, small dumpster rentals have proven beneficial for individuals and businesses alike due to their affordability and versatility in handling various waste disposal scenarios. By researching local providers offering “small dumpster rental near me,” customers can secure cost-effective and efficient waste management solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it’s a 10-yard dumpster for smaller tasks or a 20-yard dumpster for more extensive projects, there’s no denying the value of these services in promoting sustainable and responsible waste disposal practices.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Roll-off dumpster rental is a popular waste management solution for various types of projects, ranging from home renovations to construction jobs. This service allows clients to easily dispose of large volumes of waste materials in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Roll-off dumpsters are large, open-top containers that are designed to be transported on a specialized truck with a hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading at the customer’s location. The benefits of using roll-off dumpster rentals include their convenience, versatility, and affordability.

One of the most common searches when looking for this type of service is “roll off dumpster service near me.” This is because working with a local company can offer many advantages, such as faster delivery times, lower transportation costs, and better overall customer support. A local provider will have intimate knowledge of the area’s regulations and disposal requirements, ensuring that your project adheres to all relevant guidelines. Furthermore, when you choose a nearby service provider, you are contributing to your community’s economy by supporting local businesses.

Another important aspect to consider when renting a roll-off dumpster is the “dumpster pickup service near me.” Once the container reaches its maximum capacity or your project has been completed, it is crucial to schedule timely pick-up services to avoid any delays or additional charges. A reputable rental company will coordinate pick-ups based on your needs and ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish.

When searching for “roll off dumpster rental near me,” it is essential to compare different providers’ prices, terms and conditions, and reviews from previous customers. Factors such as container size availability, weight limits, duration of the rental period, and included services should be considered before making your final decision. Some companies may offer additional features like same-day delivery or online reservation systems for added convenience.

In conclusion, roll-off dumpster rentals provide an efficient solution for disposing of large amounts of waste generated during various projects. By searching for “roll off dumpster service near me” and considering factors such as location, pick-up services, and rental terms, you can select the ideal provider to suit your needs. As an industry specialist, we understand the importance of delivering reliable and cost-effective waste management solutions to our valued clients.

Residential Dumpster Rental

Residential dumpster rental has become an essential service for homeowners and residents who are undertaking various projects such as home renovation, landscaping, or decluttering. This service provides a convenient and efficient way to manage waste materials generated from these projects. With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right residential dumpster service near you can be overwhelming. However, by considering factors such as rental prices, sizes, and customer reviews, you can identify a reliable provider that meets your needs.

For individuals running a business or commercial establishment, finding a suitable business dumpster service near you is crucial for effective waste management. Similar to residential services, providers offering dumpsters for businesses ensure proper disposal of waste material generated from various operations such as construction projects or office cleanouts. It is vital to opt for a trusted company with excellent customer support and flexible rental periods to cater to your specific requirements.

Residential dumpster rental prices play a significant role in determining which service provider to choose. Various factors influence these prices, including the size of the dumpster required, the duration of the rental period, the location of delivery and pickup services, as well as the type of debris being disposed of. Conducting thorough research on different providers and comparing their pricing structures will enable you to make an informed choice that aligns with your budget constraints.

When searching for “residential dumpster rental near me” or “dumpster rental service near me,” it is important to consider not only the proximity of the service provider but also their reputation in the industry. Reading online reviews from past clients can provide valuable insight into their level of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In summary, selecting an appropriate residential or business dumpster rental service involves careful consideration of factors such as price, size options offered, location coverage, customer testimonies and overall reputation within the industry. With proper research and evaluation, you can find a reliable provider that ensures prompt delivery and pick-up services while adhering to waste disposal guidelines set forth by local authorities. Ultimately, partnering with a reputable dumpster rental service will allow you to effectively manage your waste disposal needs while focusing on the core aspects of your residential or commercial projects.

Trash Dumpster Service Near Me

When it comes to managing waste disposal at your home or business, finding a reliable and efficient trash dumpster service near you is essential. These services provide an effective and environmentally friendly way of handling the waste generated by your household or commercial activities. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various aspects of trash dumpster services, including factors such as monthly and weekly services and how to choose the best provider in your area.

A key consideration when looking for a trash dumpster rental service is the frequency at which your waste will be collected. For many homeowners and small businesses, a monthly dumpster service near me could be an ideal solution. This type of service typically involves the rental of a dumpster that is stationed on your property for the entire month. The dumpster will be collected and emptied by the service provider on a scheduled basis (usually once per month). A monthly service offers convenience and cost savings, particularly for those who do not generate large amounts of waste.

On the other hand, some households or businesses may require more frequent waste collection due to higher volumes of garbage generated. In such cases, a weekly dumpster service near me may be more appropriate. A weekly service operates similarly to a monthly one; however, the dumpsters are emptied on a weekly basis rather than monthly. This ensures that even if you generate substantial amounts of waste, you can maintain clean and clutter-free premises while minimizing any potential health or environmental hazards associated with overfilled dumpsters.

Selecting the best dumpster service near me can seem like an overwhelming task with so many providers available in most areas. Some factors to consider when choosing a provider include their reputation for promptness and reliability in collection schedules, quality customer support, competitive pricing structures, and any additional services they may offer such as recycling programs or hazardous waste disposal options.

In summary, finding an ideal trash dumpster service near you plays a crucial role in ensuring proper management of your residential or commercial waste materials. By considering factors such as frequency (monthly or weekly) and selecting the best provider in your area, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience while doing your part to protect the environment. Whether you need a dumpster for regular trash disposal or have specific requirements like hazardous waste management, there are numerous options available to suit your unique needs.

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How Long Can I Keep The Dumpster?

The standard dumpster rental period is up to 7 days. Rental periods can be extended for an additional fee.

Can I Fill The Dumpster To The Top?

All materials must be inside the hook-lift dumpster, nothing over the top of container. We are required to tarp each dumpster for transport. We cannot pick up a container that is over-full. You will be responsible for removing excess and a return trip fee will be charged to return and pick-up the dumpster.

Will The Container Be Picked-Up Automatically?

Yes. We will automatically return in 7 days to pick up the container unless you instruct otherwise.

Can I Move The Container?

No. We will do our best to place your container in a convenient and safe space, but you may not move container. Moving the container can cause damage to underside. If damage occurs, you are responsible for the cost to correct.

What services are included in a dumpster rental?

Haulstr Dumpster Rental includes:

  • Dumpster drop off
  • Dumpster pick up
  • Disposal fees
What items am I not allowed to put into a dumpster?
  • No Hazardous Materials of any kind
  • No oils or lubricants including brake oil, transmission oil, motor oil, etc.
  • No flammables, propane tanks, fuels, anti-freeze, etc.
  • No electronics, including computers, stereos, TV’s, etc.
  • No pesticides, batteries, medical waste, chemicals
  • No rubber tires or railroad ties
  • No refrigerators, freezers, or any items with Freon
  • Large amounts of bricks, concrete, block, dirt (2 yard max)
  • Concrete wash out
How Much Notice Do You Need To Deliver A Dumpster?

We can schedule and deliver a dumpster with 24 hour advance notice. 

Will The Container Be Picked-Up Automatically?

Yes.  We will automatically return in 3 days or 7 days, based on your rental, to pick up the container unless you instruct otherwise.