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Pittsburgh Pricing

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Each order includes a Community and Delivery fee. Don’t forget…Haulstr donates ~$30 per order to a local cause!

Product Name Price Description
Classic Brown $39.50 /cu yd Budget-friendly dyed mulch for covering large areas. It’s our Classic mulch dyed walnut-brown.
Classic Black $39.50 /cu yd Budget-friendly dyed mulch for covering large areas. It’s our Classic mulch dyed midnight-black.
Classic Natural $36.00 /cu yd The economical choice to cover large areas and enrich your soil.


Product Name Price Description
Topsoil $48.00 /cu yd Topsoil is a screened, dark brown sandy loam which makes it great for filling.



Product Name Price Description
Garden Compost $44.00 /cu yd Packed with nutrients our compost is a blend of manure (cow and horse), straw, and sawdust. It is aged with routine turning and screening to produce a compost that will make your plants thrive!



Product Name Price
Classic Brown $39.50 /cu yd
Classic Black $39.50 /cu yd
Classic Natural $36.00 /cu yd


Product Name Price
Topsoil $48.00 /cu yd



Product Name Price
Garden Compost $44.00 /cu yd

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Mulch Buying Guide

Which Mulch is Best for Me?

First you’ll select your color and then choose your grade. The grade of mulch is determined by ingredients and coarseness (how finely it is ground). A serious gardener may want a more finely ground, bark-based mulch, while another person may want a coarse mulch that covers large areas economically. 

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Mulch is sold by the cubic yard. We believe the best quality, price, and environmental choice is local bulk mulch. Check out our mulch calculator if you need help deciding. 

Learn more: Mulch Delivery FAQ’s.