Outdoor Kitchen

After decades of custom patio builds, our pros designed The Haulstr Patio. It includes the most requested features and can be completed in just a few days.

Check out The Haulstr Patio cost and details.

What Is The Haulstr Patio?

The Haulstr Patio is our signature product for a customer who would like a paver patio within a reasonable budget and done quickly. 

The Haulstr Patio takes 2-3 days to install, will be done within a 3 week period from purchase, and costs between $8,550 – $21,000.


225 square feet to 500 square feet.  (ex.  A 15×15 patio square or a 20×25 rectangular patio.)


We specialize in using Techo Bloc material and recommend a three piece pattern using Techo Blu 60.  Or a brick pattern using Techo Borealis.


Assume your typical cost for a patio will be $38-$42 per square foot depending on material purchased. 

Additional Options

Natural Fire Pit

4×4 Fire Pit made out of Borealis wall block, including a fire ring, lava rock, and insulating sand.  (Cost: $3,500)

Gas Fire Pit

4′ x 4′ Fire Pit made out of Borealis wall block, including a fire burner, lava rock,.  (Cost: $4,500).  Cost does NOT include running the gas line from meter to the pit.

Raised Flower Bed

4′ x 8′  raised flower bed made out of Borealis wall block (18 inches tall).  Includes Topsoil in the flower bed. (Cost $4,500)

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen area can be a wonderful addition to any home. It can provide a unique and valuable opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while cooking and entertaining, and it can even add value to the house itself. Some companies even offer outdoor kitchen kits that can be assembled relatively easily. But before you decide to embark on your outdoor kitchen project, there are a number of factors to consider. 

First things first – location, location, location! When choosing a location for your outdoor kitchen area, it’s important to consider the amount of space available, proximity to the indoor kitchen, and proximity to existing gas or plumbing lines, and it’s also crucial to consider the prevailing weather conditions in your area. Additionally, you will want to be aware of any zoning or permit issues that may arise, as some municipalities and even homeowners’ associations have restrictions on outdoor living spaces. 

Once you have a solid idea about the location, the next step is to decide on the layout of the outdoor kitchen. The layout should be well-suited to your cooking preferences as well as how frequently you entertain. There are straight-line configurations to consider – L-shaped layouts and U-shaped layouts – each with its unique pros and cons.

Another key component to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen space is what kind of equipment you intend to include. Popular outdoor cooking apparatuses generally include grills, pizza ovens, smokers, and outdoor refrigerators. Outdoor kitchens require durable and weather-resistant appliances, so keep that in mind as you plan your ideal lineup of outdoor cooking instruments. 

Embarking on an outdoor kitchen project can be a daunting yet rewarding endeavor and a sensible investment for many homeowners. It’s essential to consider everything from the layout design to the equipment involved and even the aesthetic aspect to ensure that your outdoor kitchen space meets or exceeds your needs while staying within your budget. In this article, we’ll discuss a variety of tips, ideas, and techniques to help you see your outdoor cooking space to fruition. 


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you are planning to construct an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible, so start by looking for inspiration from other outdoor kitchen spaces and try to visualize what your ideal space might look like. Here are a few ways you can brainstorm some simple outdoor kitchen ideas: 

Discuss with friends and family – If you know a friend or neighbor who has built their own outdoor kitchen, invite them over to ask for advice. It may also be helpful to hear input from others who will use the space regularly, too.

Sketch out rough ideas – Even if you aren’t the next Rembrandt, you can sketch out some ideas on loose paper to get a sense of how the space might be filled. If you don’t like the look of one sketch, all you have to do is try again!

Attend a home and/or garden show – Oftentimes, venues such as these are overflowing with cool and unique ideas. Even if you don’t see the exact layout or style you’re looking for, chances are you will encounter some great outdoor kitchen ideas. 

See what’s online – You can always scour the internet for ideas about your outdoor kitchen space; there are countless websites and blogs devoted to outdoor living areas. All you have to do is find a few layouts or designs that resonate with you.

At Haulstr, we provide a free consultation to bring your ideas to life. Our team of professionals have over 20+ years of experience in landscaping, hardscaping, and building and designing patios with outdoor kitchens. We pride ourselves in providing the best service with high-quality materials. 


Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Designed specially to withstand the harshness of the elements, outdoor kitchen appliances are literally built differently from regular indoor appliances. For example, outdoor kitchen cabinets (stainless steel) are built to withstand much more abuse than indoor cabinets – but we’ll go into greater detail about cabinets in the next section.

Outdoor kitchen equipment is usually designed with added insulation and weatherproofing to ensure that it will function effectively even in outdoor conditions. In some cases, however, it may be acceptable to use indoor appliances in an outdoor kitchen setting. For instance, if your outdoor kitchen space is located in a well-covered area that is protected from the elements, you may be able to get away with using an indoor refrigerator or a cooking range. However, it’s important to remember that indoor appliances are not designed or tested to withstand outdoor conditions, and they may wear rapidly if left exposed to the elements. 

Everyone’s situation may be slightly different, so it’s important to plan accordingly. If you live in an area where extreme weather or harsh conditions are regular occurrences, or if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen consistently, you might be better off investing in outdoor appliances that are built to withstand outdoor conditions. 


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

While the differences between indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinets may seem obvious, there are a number of things to look for when selecting viable cabinets for your outdoor kitchen area. Weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets are often made in hardy materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or weather-resistant wood. Such materials are more resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading, which can occur when exposed to the elements. 

Weatherproof outdoor cabinets can also come with a variety of features, like waterproofing, special ventilation, and UV-ray protection. To ensure that you select the right cabinets for your outdoor kitchen space, it’s vital to consider your regional weather patterns and whether or not your space will be fully covered, partially covered, or completely exposed. 


How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

While it may seem like an overwhelmingly daunting task, there are actually several ways homeowners can cut costs without sacrificing quality or functionality when building an outdoor kitchen area. One of the best ways to save money is to utilize outdoor kitchen frame kits. Cheap outdoor kitchen kits oftentimes arrive with pre-cut metal frames that can be quickly assembled to create the basic ‘frame’ structure for your outdoor kitchen space – saving time and money on labor costs. 

Another great money-saving technique is to work with affordable materials for countertops and flooring. Concrete, for instance, is a highly durable and cost-effective solution for countertops, while coarse gravel or pavers can provide solid flooring. You can also consider using fewer appliances or purchasing lightly used appliances to reduce costs. You always have the possibility of buying and implementing certain appliances later, too, as your budget allows. Check out our FAQs for more questions.

How to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget that meets all your needs will likely depend on your plans for the space. Take the time to carefully consider your options, or work with a professional landscaping service to ensure that your outdoor space will look beautiful and be useful for many years to come. 


Prefab Outdoor Kitchen

‘Prefab’ is short for prefabricated, and in regards to prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits, the term refers to a pre-built structure designed for quick and simple installation. 

One of the most significant advantages of a prefab outdoor kitchen kit is its ease of installation. Because they come prefabricated, virtually everything can be assembled promptly. This can save hours of frustration compared to constructing an outdoor kitchen DIY kit from scratch. 

Another main advantage of prefab outdoor kitchen and bar kits is that they are generally made with quality materials like stainless steel or stone, which are robust and long-lasting. And not only that, but many kits also come with warranties, which can provide added peace of mind for homeowners. 

One drawback of prefab outdoor kitchens is that they don’t allow for as much customization and personalization as a custom-built set-up. Homeowners may be limited in their choices of materials, design layouts, and features or appliances, for instance. 

Ultimately, the best modular outdoor kitchen or the best outdoor kitchen kits for a particular homeowner will largely depend upon the available space, unique needs, preferences, and of course, the project budget. That said, prefab outdoor kitchen kits are ideal for homeowners interested in a quick and simple solution. 


Outdoor Kitchen DIY

Outdoor kitchen cabinets DIY projects can be enjoyable and rewarding, but they also present a handful of challenges. One of the biggest potential issues is when a homeowner lacks experience or expertise in constructing such projects. Without the proper knowledge and skillset, it can be easy for a homeowner to make a mistake (or several mistakes) in the construction process, which can lead to safety issues and potentially even costly repairs. 

Outdoor kitchen DIY projects can also be very time-consuming and stressful. Building an outdoor kitchen from the ground up requires a great deal of planning, coordination, and effort, which can oftentimes be overwhelming. Not to mention the labor involved in sourcing materials, locating and buying quality appliances, and everything else involved. 

Due to the complex nature of outdoor kitchen projects, it’s often best to consider working with a professional in order to finish the job. Contractors ought to have the right knowledge and skills to construct an outdoor kitchen area that is safe, functional, and visually pleasing. But before hiring a contractor, it’s important to consider their experience, reputation, and pricing. Try to work with a contractor that has lots of experience with outdoor kitchen projects, especially if they are able to share before-and-after photos of previous projects they worked on. 

Contact Haulstr today to find out how our team of professionals can help you actualize the outdoor kitchen area of your dreams.