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Rick of Firewood

Are you searching locally for where to get firewood near me? Don’t go out into the cold. Firewood delivery services in Indianapolis get you the wood you need, so you and your family can stay warm and cozy. At Haulstr, we provide the best, seasoned firewood for sale near you and keep the fire going.

What’s the difference between seasoned and unseasoned wood? Have you ever had a fire that just wouldn’t light? When cut, wood contains about 50 percent water. It’s heavy and difficult to burn. You might see steam and hear a lot of crackles. Seasoned firewood has been pre-dried, so it’ll catch fire more quickly and continue to burn consistently.

It’s not just seasoned firewood you should look for. You should be searching for split firewood for sale near me, too. Split firewood is cut across the grain of the wood, so it’ll catch fire more easily. While whole logs can eventually get the job done, they’re often far more resistant to being set on fire. 

When you’re exploring where to get firewood for sale near me, you also need to know how much firewood you want. At Haulstr you’ll get well-seasoned, split firewood perfect for tossing into your fire and we provide them in various amounts suitable to your demands. Plus, we provide bulk firewood delivery service right to your home!

Rather than having to go out into the unpleasant temperatures, you can trust Haulstr to get you the rick of firewood you need. Don’t just search for “firewood near me,” contact us today to schedule your first delivery.


How Much is A Cord of Wood?

You might have heard someone describe a “cord” of wood, especially in terms of getting firewood. Have you ever wondered precisely how much is a cord of wood or exactly what is a cord of wood?

A cord is primarily a measure of firewood, so it’s not something that everyone innately knows. Specifically, a cord is 128 cubic feet of wood. That’s a bit confusing, but imagine a 4-foot by 4-foot stack that’s also 8 feet long. Most people are not going to want a full cord of firewood, because it provides many hours of burning time. Way more than what you would need for a typical campfire. Then, there is another size, called a face cord of wood. So that brings up the question, how much is a face cord of wood and the answer is fairly similar.

Now that you know a general size, are you wondering how many pieces of wood are in a cord? This is highly variable because the size of wood varies. There are approximately 220 to 240 pieces of wood in a cord. Most people are going to purchase wood by the quarter cord, which is closer to 55 to 60 pieces of wood. How much is a quarter cord of wood, in terms of cost? Again, it can vary, especially between well-seasoned, split wood, and less prepared wood.

If you’re interested in ordering wood for delivery, you’ll often order in terms of cords. For homes heated by wood-burning stoves, it takes on average three cords of wood to heat 1,000 square feet for the winter season. Those who are simply using their wood for special occasions or as a supplement for other heating sources, they may only need a single cord a year, or less.

For normal households, ordering a quarter cord of wood at a time is more than enough to keep the property heated efficiently.. Some households might order an eighth cord of wood at a time if they’re merely trying to stock the fireplace. A rick of firewood or two is often more than enough. By getting on a routine scheduled delivery, you will always have enough wood on hand without having to keep large amounts stored in your home.

Are you ready to place your order of firewood? At Haulstr, we provide the highest-quality, seasoned, split firewood logs for Indianapolis households. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. We deliver straight to your home at your convenience.


Rick of Wood vs Cord of Wood

Besides the popular cord of wood, there’s also an option for a rick of wood. The rick of wood dimensions should be noted and taken into consideration if you’re going to order firewood for delivery.

What is a rick of wood? It’s a somewhat complex description. When firewood is stacked, it’s usually stacked into a cord. It is a stack four feet tall and eight feet wide. A cord is typically four feet deep. However, a rick is cut shorter. A rick is usually 16 inches deep, adding up to three ricks per cord. In some instances, it could also be longer; if it’s 24 inches deep, it’s actually a half of a cord.

How many ricks in a cord of wood you’re wondering? It’s really a question of mass rather than number. A cord of wood is about 220 to 260 pieces of wood. When evaluating a rick vs cord of wood, the rick is the same number of pieces, but each is shorter and more manageable. When determining whether to purchase a cord vs a rick of wood, know that you’re getting more pieces, but you’re not receiving an entire cord.

Ordering a rick of wood is a popular option because it means you don’t have to cut your wood yourself. Depending on how the wood is sold and cut, you might still be thinking about it in a percentage or number of cords. The rick of wood dimensions won’t change on the “face” (the height and width), but only in depth. With rick vs cord of wood, rick is often a more useful measurement because it’s pre-cut. You can check out a picture of a rick of wood to visualize what that means.

How much does a rick of wood weigh? Like a cord of wood, that’s highly variable, depending on how dry the wood is. Factoring the difference in a cord vs rick of wood, the cord will be heavier because it is deeper..

Are you interested in ordering wood for your home or business location? You don’t need to figure out how many pieces of wood in a rick on your own. Contact Haulstr’s today to learn more about what the ideal type of firewood is and how to get it delivered. We are eager to discuss your demands to determine how much firewood would be sufficient for you and schedule a delivery that works for you. We service all Indianapolis homes with the best seasoned, split firewood logs available, regardless of the quantity you order.


Local Firewood for Sale Near You

Whether you want a rick of firewood or a cord of firewood, Haulstr is where to go for local firewood delivery near you. Haulstr offers comprehensive firewood delivery options for Indianapolis homes and businesses. We support our local community with every order and we reward our loyal customers with exclusive promo codes and sales throughout the year.

If you’re online looking for firewood for sale near me delivered, Haulstr’s has every seasoned, split wood choice you can think of available. Getting the appropriate firewood is absolutely critical if you want to avoid the frustration that comes from trying to light wet wood or trying to manage wood that hasn’t been adequately cut for the space you’re burning in. At Haulstr’s we ensure that the wood is well-seasoned and dry, so that it will not only light faster but also burn more evenly.

How do I find local firewood delivery near me? While you’re thinking, there might be other firewood for sale in my area, you should know that Haulstr’s firewood is the highest-quality firewood that comes from a local vendor. If you’re contemplating the firewood prices near me, understand that Haulstr’s is well-known for being competitive with other firewood companies in terms of cost and quality. 

With firewood delivery, you don’t need to worry about having to truck your firewood to your home, or having to get help to load and unload it. You get everything you need to keep your home warm without a fuss.

Need to know where there is firewood for sale near me now? Contact Haulstr today to arrange for delivery.

How Much Does a Cord of Wood Cost?

Wood prices can change, and the cord of wood price near me you’re looking at will be different from a rick or another quantity. Most frequently, customers request estimates for 1 to 2 cords of wood for sale near me.

When looking for a rick of wood for sale near me, Haulstr provides one for $100. With three ricks in a cord, you can expect to pay $300 per cord of wood on average. As mentioned before, it will be enough for most homes to stay toasty for quite some time. If you need an entire cord of wood, please contact us for a quote.

There’s also an additional $90 community and convenience fee, which doesn’t just cover delivery, but also helps with community-driven initiatives.

Are you ready to stop your exhausting search for a rick of wood for sale near me? If you need firewood delivered and want to give back to the community at the same time, Haulstr commits to donating back to local nonprofit causes with every order placed. Check out our products and services and learn more about how your order can help a community cause.

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