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Our firewood is mixed hardwood including oak, ash, cherry, and hickory. Order kiln-dried or air-dried firewood by the rick and choose delivery only, or we can even stack the firewood for you!

By ordering firewood with Haulstr, you are supporting our Wood for Good program. A portion of each firewood order is donated to a local cause. You can select an inspiring cause during checkout.

Firewood Delivery

Let Haulstr bring your Firewood to you. Schedule today and get your order delivered.

Firewood Delivery

Let Haulstr bring your firewood to you. Schedule today and get your order delivered.

Firewood Stacking

Let Haulstr do the heavy lifting. We can stack your firewood and have you ready to enjoy your next fire.

Firewood Stacking

Let Haulstr do the heavy lifting. We can stack your firewood and have you ready to enjoy your next fire.

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“Very dependable. Great service on fire wood. Will definitely use this company for my landscaping this summer. Great company!!!!!!!​”

Cindy P.

“Order filled very quickly and did a nice job stacking the firewood. Will definitely use them again when I need more!”

Tim C.

“Delivery occurred a day earlier than what was promised. The two guys who delivered were professional and friendly, thanking me several times for my business. Everything was as expected, if not better. Would definitely use again.”

Tom O.

“They were fantastic to deal with! Very prompt answering questions and trying to assist and help out. I missed the drop off, but was told it was very quick and professional.
But really, great service. Great quality. Great company.
Will definitely be using again.”

Joe B.

Firewood Supplier

The world of firewood suppliers is an essential and complex one, catering to the needs of many seeking a dependable and environmentally responsible source of heat. At Haulstr, our team works hard in procuring firewood by selecting a reliable local firewood supplier, ensuring a steady supply of this essential commodity throughout the year. This article aims to guide you through the process of identifying and choosing a reputable firewood supplier near you while also exploring the benefits that come with purchasing from local suppliers.

Firewood suppliers near me are not only easily accessible but also contribute to sustainable practices by maintaining shorter transportation distances for their products. By choosing a local firewood supplier, we are taking steps towards reducing our carbon footprint as well as supporting small businesses in our community. Additionally, these suppliers often possess specialized knowledge about the types of wood available in the region, allowing them to provide valuable advice on which would best suit your specific heating needs.

One significant advantage of purchasing from local firewood suppliers is that they often have more stringent quality control measures in place. Ensuring that their wood is properly seasoned and ready for use can be vital to avoid issues like excessive smoke or creosote buildup in chimneys, which could lead to hazardous situations if left unchecked. A reputable firewood supplier should be able to provide detailed information about the seasoning process and moisture content of their products, giving customers peace of mind regarding what they are bringing home.

When searching for “firewood for sale by owner near me,” it’s crucial not only to consider location but also investigate how long the business has been operating and its reputation within the community. A trustworthy firewood supplier will likely have built up a strong network of satisfied customers who can vouch for their services’ quality and consistency.

One practical approach when beginning your search for a reliable local provider involves browsing online directories or utilizing social media channels where people share recommendations based on personal experience. By doing so, you’re likely to come across numerous firewood suppliers in your area, each with its unique offerings and capabilities.

In conclusion, choosing the right firewood supplier for your needs is not only about finding a conveniently located provider but also one that adheres to sustainable practices, provides high-quality products, and boasts a solid reputation within the community. By following these guidelines and using online resources to seek out reputable local suppliers, you can be confident in selecting a company that will meet your expectations and provide you with a reliable source of warmth throughout the year.




Firewood Near Me

The quest to find firewood near you is a noble and age-old endeavor, one that has warmed the hearts and hearths of countless individuals throughout history. In today’s modern world, the search for quality firewood has become both easier and more complex, with a plethora of suppliers available at your fingertips. As an industry specialist in this field, it is my utmost pleasure to provide you with all the information necessary to ensure that your firewood needs are met with convenience and excellence.

One highly relevant keyword when discussing the procurement of firewood is “firewood for sale near me.” This phrase emphasizes not only the importance of finding a local supplier but also highlights the competitive market surrounding firewood sales. To locate the most reliable and cost-efficient source of firewood in your vicinity, it is essential first to consider factors such as proximity to your location, delivery options, wood species availability, and customer reviews.

An emerging trend worth exploring in-depth is that of wholesale firewood suppliers. These businesses cater specifically to customers seeking larger quantities of wood or those who require ongoing supplies for commercial purposes. Wholesale options often provide competitive pricing due to economies of scale while offering an expansive selection of wood species tailored to individual heating requirements. By engaging with a wholesale provider, you can secure an abundant supply of high-quality firewood at preferred rates.

It would be remiss not to address the topic of “wholesale firewood near me,” which caters perfectly to those who appreciate both bulk purchases and supporting local businesses. Identifying a nearby wholesale supplier carries numerous advantages – from reduced transportation costs and faster delivery times to establishing long-lasting relationships with reputable dealers. Furthermore, partnering with a local business fosters regional economic growth while minimizing environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.

In conclusion, whether you are searching for “firewood near me” or delving into more specific niches like “wholesale firewood suppliers” and “firewood for sale near me,” it is crucial to consider various factors such as pricing, wood species, proximity, and reputation. Armed with this knowledge, you will be well-equipped to find the perfect supplier for all your firewood needs. With the warmth and comfort that only a roaring fire can provide, rest assured that your hearth will be a vibrant hub of joy and camaraderie throughout the year.




Firewood Delivery Near Me

Firewood delivery near me is an essential service for those who rely on this natural resource to heat their homes, cook meals, and enjoy cozy fireside evenings. As the demand for firewood continues to rise, it has become imperative to identify reliable suppliers offering high-quality firewood at competitive prices. This article will discuss the various aspects of firewood delivery services and guide you in making an informed decision when looking for the best supplier in your vicinity.

One of the primary concerns for customers seeking firewood is finding a supplier that offers “firewood for sale near me delivered.” This convenient option saves time and effort by ensuring that the firewood is brought right to your doorstep, eliminating the need to haul large quantities yourself. A quick online search should lead you to local suppliers who provide this service; however, it’s crucial to read reviews and compare rates before finalizing your choice.

When searching for a reliable supplier, it’s also essential to explore “bulk firewood for sale” options. Purchasing firewood in larger quantities can significantly reduce overall costs and ensure a steady supply throughout the colder months. Additionally, buying bulk firewood delivery often guarantees better quality control as suppliers are more likely to focus on maintaining high standards when dealing with larger orders.

The importance of finding a reputable “firewood delivery near me” service cannot be overstated. The ideal supplier should be able not only to provide timely delivery but also possess extensive knowledge about the types of wood they offer and their respective burning properties. They should be able to recommend suitable wood species depending on your specific requirements such as heating efficiency or aroma.

In your pursuit of the “best firewood delivery near me,” it’s vital not only to prioritize cost-effectiveness but also consider factors like sustainability and eco-friendliness. Opting for suppliers who source wood from responsibly managed forests can contribute positively towards environmental conservation efforts.

Lastly, while searching for a dependable vendor, you may come across phrases like “truckload of firewood for sale near me.” This terminology typically refers to sizable quantities of firewood, often at discounted prices. These offers can be enticing; however, it is crucial to verify the quality and type of wood being offered before committing to such purchases.

In conclusion, finding a reliable firewood delivery service involves thorough research and comparison of various factors like pricing, convenience, quality, and sustainability. By paying attention to these details and considering the points discussed above, you are sure to find a supplier that meets your specific needs while contributing towards a more sustainable future.




Kiln-Dried Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood is a premium product in the world of firewood, offering numerous benefits over traditional air-dried wood. With its exceptional burning properties and superior quality, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are seeking kiln-dried wood for firepit to fuel their homes and outdoor gatherings.

One significant advantage of kiln-dried firewood is its consistently low moisture content. While standard air-dried wood can take months or even years to reach a suitable level of dryness, kiln-dried firewood undergoes a controlled drying process within a specialized chamber known as a firewood kiln. This advanced technique results in wood with moisture levels below 20%, ensuring optimal combustion and heating efficiency when burned.

As the demand for this high-quality fuel source continues to grow, more individuals are searching for “kiln-dried firewood near me” to locate local suppliers who can provide them with the best product available. By choosing a nearby provider, customers not only support local businesses but also contribute to reducing transportation emissions associated with long-distance shipping.

For those looking to tap into this thriving market and produce their own supply of top-grade fuel, investing in a firewood kiln for sale may be worth considering. Designed specifically for the purpose of drying large quantities of wood quickly and uniformly, these state-of-the-art chambers utilize advanced technology to control temperature, humidity, and airflow throughout the drying process. The result is perfectly seasoned firewood that will burn hotter, longer, cleaner, and more efficiently than any alternative on the market.

In conclusion, kiln-dried firewood has steadily gained popularity among consumers seeking an environmentally friendly yet highly effective heating solution. Its exceptional burning properties make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their fireplace or wood-burning stove while minimizing pollution and maximizing heat output. As people continue searching for “kiln dried firewood near me” or investing in cutting-edge firewood kilns for sale, the industry will undoubtedly continue to flourish, offering increasingly accessible and sustainable options for those seeking warmth in an environmentally responsible manner.




Seasoned Firewood Near Me

The concept of seasoned firewood near me is an essential subject for those who rely on wood-burning methods to heat their homes or enjoy the cozy ambiance a fireplace provides during the colder months. Many individuals prefer using seasoned firewood as it burns more efficiently and emits less creosote, a substance that can build up within chimneys and pose a potential hazard in the form of chimney fires. As an industry specialist, I understand how vital it is for consumers to find high-quality firewood that meets their specific needs.

A popular choice among homeowners is hardwood firewood for sale near me. Hardwood firewood, derived from deciduous trees such as oak, maple, and hickory, offers numerous benefits compared to softwoods like pine or spruce. Not only does hardwood provide a longer burn time due to its dense structure, but it also generates more heat per cord and often results in less sap production. It’s a good practice to know if you want a rick vs cord of wood for how much you need to for your home. For these reasons alone, many people seek out hardwood firewood when searching for fuel sources.

In addition to finding hardwood firewood for sale near me, one must consider whether the wood has been sufficiently seasoned before burning it. Seasoned firewood is wood that has been allowed to dry out over an extended period – typically at least six months – which significantly reduces its moisture content. This process enables the wood to burn hotter and cleaner with minimal smoke output and residue buildup within chimneys or stovepipes. To ensure you are sourcing properly seasoned firewood for sale, it’s crucial to inquire about the seasoning process used by your supplier or check for visible signs such as cracks in the ends of logs or a hollow sound when two pieces are struck together.

Another consideration when thinking to buy firewood near me is whether you would like your split logs or not. Split firewood for sale near me refers to logs that have already been divided into smaller pieces suitable for fireplace use. This service can be incredibly convenient since it saves time and effort for the consumer, allowing them to focus on enjoying the warmth provided by their firewood rather than laboring over splitting it themselves.

To find seasoned firewood for sale near me, be sure to explore local resources such as tree service companies, lumber yards, or even neighbors who may have an excess of wood they’re looking to sell. By prioritizing hardwood options and ensuring that your chosen firewood has been adequately seasoned and split, you’ll be well on your way to a cozy home filled with the inviting fragrance and crackling sounds of a roaring fire.