Mulch Installation

Full-service mulch install: Available in greater Indianapolis!

How It Works

Local Partnerships

We partnered with top-rated local landscaping professionals who will make your beds look amazing! Although we trust the pros to install, Haulstr coordinates everything to make sure you’re delighted.

Reservations are limited, so please book early. You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of your install week, and your card is not charged until your service is complete. 

Have Questions before scheduling? See our FAQ. 


Enter Your Address

To confirm availability in your neighborhood.


Select Your Service

Brush Haul Away, Firewood Delivery, or any of our always available mulch services.


Schedule and Pay

Schedule in advance! We won't charge until the job is complete.

We will send reminders via text and email as your service date approaches.

You won’t lift a finger for a freshly mulched yard!

Mulch Installation Includes:

  • Delivery
  • Light Bed Clean-out*
  • Edging
  • Mulch Spreading

* ”Light clean-out” means your beds have < 1 full bag of leaves, weeds, etc. Please contact us before ordering if you need heavy clean-out.

Installation Pricing

$75/cubic yard of mulch

Your total price will include the cost of your mulch, delivery, and installation. 

Frequently asked questions

When can I schedule?

We have limited reservations available. Schedule as early as you like. Pick your 7-day window, and we will arrive to install within that window. We will send email and text alerts as your date approaches. 

Why are scheduling windows 7 days?

Spring is crazy for our pro landscape partners! The weather can also throw our best plans out the window. To ensure you get the best service as quickly as possible, with little scheduling back and forth, we have a 7-day window for mulch delivery.

Will you remind me when my order is arriving?

Life is busy…we get it! Haulstr will send email and text notifications as your delivery date nears.

Can I reschedule / What happens if it rains?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of your install week. Haulstr will deliver mulch as scheduled during light to moderate rain unless you reschedule. In heavy rain or thunderstorms, it may not be possible to install mulch. Haulstr will notify you via email and/or text to reschedule your delivery. 

Should I clean out my beds?

Yes, Haulstr will do a light clean out (blowing a few leaves out of beds and minimal weeding). Light bed cleanout means a few leaves and minimal weeds are in your beds. If you have more than a bag of leaves, weed, and debris that needs to be removed, please clean out beds in advance of your delivery week, or contact us, and we’ll do our best to help. Otherwise, we will mulch over the debris, and you can spray / pull afterwards. It’s best to clean beds prior to our arrival.

How much mulch do I need?

Please see our mulch calculator.

Who are Haulstr’s install partners?

Haulstr has selected trusted 3rd party landscape professionals. We coordinate everything, and you contact us directly with any questions. It’s on Haulstr to make sure you’re happy. You are welcome to interact with our pros and provide instructions, of course!

Do I need to be home?

If you are not home, please provide detailed instructions when placing your online order. Our professional install partners will treat your yard like their own. If anything is unclear, they will use their best judgement. That’s why they are pros!

What is Edging?
Edging provides a clean look to your mulch beds. An edging shovel is used to cut a clean edge 1-3 inches deep, roots and soil conditions permitting, between your grass and your mulch bed. Beds should be edged each year as the ground will settle over time. A normal rainstorm is less likely to wash mulch into your yard. Every order includes edging…it’s just the right way to keep our customers’ yards looking beautiful.
What if you damage any lines in my yard while edging?

We should not hit any electrical lines as we are only edging 1-4 inches deep on average.  However, pet fences or electric fences are often very shallow. If you have an electric fence, please indicate it in the instructions when ordering and clearly mark where the electric fence is.  Neither Haulstr, nor our installation partners are responsible for the damage to pet fences, cables, or other shallow utilities, etc. Please see our Customer Terms.

How / When do I pay?

You will be asked to enter billing info when completing your online order, but Haulstr will not charge your card until your install is complete. 

What is the total cost of Installation?

Your total cost will include mulch installation (/ yard cost), mulch product (/ yard ordered), and your delivery fee. Please see the products and pricing page for more info. And of course, you’ll see a full breakdown of your cost as you build your order.

How can I support one Haulstr’s nonprofit partners?

Start your order by selecting one of our causes from our cause page, and Haulstr will donate $5 for every yard of mulch ordered to our nonprofit partner. Check out our nonprofit partners here

Is my address within your service area?

Haulstr only offers installation in Indianapolis and most of the surrounding counties. To confirm we can service your address, simply start an order and enter your address in step 1 of the ordering process. 

Can you install any product other than mulch?

If you’d like any product other than mulch installed, please contact us.

Should I move my vehicles out of the way and unlock gates?

Yes, please leave room for our trucks to park, and dump mulch in a convenient location. Ensure all gates are unlocked and accessible and pets are in the house. We will need direct access to the mulch beds.  Please see our Customer Terms.

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