For each firewood delivery, Haulstr donates $25 to a local cause.

Firewood Delivered

Schedule your firewood delivery with a few easy clicks. Choose any Thursday or Friday, and we will send reminders via text and email as your delivery date approaches. 


Our firewood is seasoned Indiana hardwood. Seasoned means that the wood has had time to dry, so it’s easier to ignite. Best of all, our firewood supports inspiring local causes

What’s a rick? 

Our minimum order is 2 ricks of wood. A stacked rick of wood is typically 4 foot tall by 8 feet long and 16” wide. 

How much does it cost? 

$100 / Rick (2 Rick Minimum)
+ $90 Community and Convenience fee

If you know another worthy local cause or business we can help, let us know!

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Share with your cause

Download this overview and share it with your cause to help make an impact with mulch.