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How Much Is A Cord Of Wood

Whether you’re considering the price of firewood or enough space for it in your storage shed, it’s helpful to speak the sizing lingo. If you’re searching “firewood for sale near me prices,” you’re going to come across the term “cord.”

First things first: a quick aside for a cool backstory. “Cord” became a unit of measurement for firewood because it refers to the rope lumberjacks would tie around their timber to haul it all away the necessary implication being that if you’re harvesting that many logs, you’re practically a woodsman, and it’s okay to say so.

Nowadays, when referring to a cord of wood, you’re referring to the depth of a pile. Because the length of the logs in that pile will vary, a cord of wood size is not a definite number. No need to walk the length of your woodpile with a measuring tape to ensure it’s up to standard. Just know that the average size for a piece of firewood is 16-18 inches long, and a full cord is about 600-800 pieces of firewood. So, when you’re asking “how much is a cord of wood,” you can expect your woodpile to be four by eight by four feet.

 Then you get into a half cord of wood vs. full cord. A half cord is typically three rows of those 16-18 inch logs. To talk shop, you’re looking at a pile four feet long, four feet high, and four feet deep. That’s 64 cubic feet if you need that measurement in volume and an 8-foot truck bed if you need that volume as a visual. At Haulstr, we want our customers to understand how much firewood they’re looking to order. No tricks, just sticks. You can call our office if you need help estimating the right size and amount for your bulk firewood order. When you’re confident, Haulstr makes it easy to schedule firewood delivery to your door with just a few clicks.


How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost

How much does a cord of wood cost? It all depends on where you live, the type of wood, and how it was seasoned (kiln or air-dry). Prices can range from $100-1000, with the average price for a half cord of wood between $200-300. So as you search “cord of wood for sale,” it’s more important to narrow your selection by “cord of wood price near me.”

Which brings us to the question of the hour: what is a cord of wood price when the firewood is purchased through your neighborhood Haulstr? Our naturally seasoned logs are $130 per rick, and our kiln-dried firewood is $175 per rick. Delivery to your door is $75, and if you opt into our stacking service to skip the blood, sweat, and tears of hauling it all to your storage site yourself, then our professional piles are an additional $60 per rick.

As you’re scanning our offers for a “cord of wood for sale near me” you might notice that our pricing is broken down by ricks instead of cords. That’s because a rick is a cord just a smaller, more manageable version. A stacked rick of wood is about 4 feet tall by 8 feet long and 16 inches wide. Also referred to as a “face cord,” one rick is about ⅓ of a full cord. We get into the full vocabulary lesson and measurements in our guide to Rick vs. Cord of Wood.

There are a few special considerations in a Haulstr price. Included in the actual cost of our firewood delivery is our dedication to your experience as a neighbor, not just a customer. This consists of a $11 donation per rick to an inspirational cause as well as our community and convenience fee, which creates excellent gigs for local drivers and provides the scheduling and trucks that make your order so simple.


How Much Is A Face Cord Of Wood

One “face cord” is about a third of a “full cord.” Or, to be even more precise, three face cords make up one full cord. Picture it this way: 1/8 cord of wood takes up about 1/4 of a pallet, while a face cord of wood can fill a 6-foot truck bed. These terms shouldn’t all be used interchangeably, so make sure you’re on the same page with your supplier when you’re placing an order. (We hope that supplier is us. We’re already on the same page.)

Let’s break it down even further by looking at how many pieces of firewood would be in each order. To better demonstrate these measurements, we’ve provided what each cord of wood looks like in bundles:

  • How much is 1/4 cord of wood? 12 bundles.
  • How much is a half-face cord of wood? 24 bundles. 
  • How much is a face cord of wood? 48 bundles. 

Whether you’re searching for a “1/4 cord of wood for sale near me” or a “1/2 cord of wood for sale near me,” there’s no limit to how many ricks Haulstr drivers will deliver. And you never have to guess if we’ll be willing to pay a visit to your zip code. Starting an order is as easy as entering your address to see if we’re in your area.

Remember: a portion of our proceeds always goes to those who can make the most of it. We believe home is a place worth living when it’s taken care of on the inside and out, so our business isn’t just firewood to warm your hearth; it’s also giving back to the organizations and individuals in the surrounding area. Through Wood for Good, Haulstr donates $12 per rick back to a local nonprofit cause of your choice.


Cord Of Wood Dimensions

You don’t need an overabundance of wood that will decompose. When you just need enough to get you through the season to heat your winter home or your summer shindigs, call Haulstr. We’ll help you break down the right cord of wood dimensions for your usage and storage needs. How often and how much you intend to burn will impact your order. And while an 8-foot log rack can hold half a cord, a 4-foot rack would hold ¼ of a cord. Our expertise can guide you in the right direction so nothing goes to rot. We can even chop logs to fit the size of your stove.

But let’s start with the standards to give you an idea of what you’re working with:

  • What are the dimensions of a cord of wood? 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide.
  • How many pieces of wood in a cord? A full cord is about 600-800 pieces of firewood.
  • How much is a full cord of wood? 5000 pounds.
  • How much is a cord of wood in feet? 128 cubic feet.

Calculating an efficient number of ricks isn’t only a matter of how much you’re willing or able to fit in your home. Certain species of wood burn faster than others, which may force you to replenish your piles sooner. For a heads up, we’ve covered the main types of firewood and ranked the best burning logs in our guide to the Best Firewood for Your Fireplace.

Not to worry. Haulstr firewood is seasoned Indiana hardwood, so it’s easier to ignite. We offer premium air-dried and kiln-dried firewood, including a full selection of locally sourced oak, ash, cherry, and hickory. All your favorite species, all pre-split. Your order also serves your community, ensuring our ability to employ every Haulstr team member at the local level (including firewood suppliers) and donating part of every order toward nonprofits in the area.

How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Weigh

 There’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to how much a cord of wood can weigh. And not just because of the spacing between the logs as they’re seasoned. One of the biggest factors affecting the size of the load is the tree species because wood types can vary so widely in density. Then comes freshness: if the wood itself is green (recently chopped and full of moisture) or seasoned (has had several weeks to age naturally or dry out in a kiln). The sap and tree cells in wet wood makes it up to 1000 pounds heavier, but it also makes the wood harder to ignite, with a weak, smoky burn once it catches. It’s better to buy your firewood pre-seasoned to evaporate the physical burdens of carrying the logs, and the mental burdens of lighting them.

 But on average, how much does a cord of wood weigh? Typically, 2000 to 3000 pounds, or enough to fill a half-ton pickup. You can anticipate a 1/2 cord of wood to weigh half that.

When you order pre-seasoned firewood from Haulstr, you don’t have to worry about heaving heavy piles around your property. Our suppliers split and season the wood prior to pick-up, and our delivery drivers take care of the drop-off. We also offer a stacking service, so our customers don’t have to lift a finger throughout the whole process. Just lifting their pointer to place the order. 

 Don’t let the decision weigh on you. Start your bulk firewood order by typing in your address, then choose from your favorite species. You can also talk to Haulstr’s experts to narrow down your options (so to speak).


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