Hardscape Installation

After decades of custom patio builds, our pros designed The Haulstr Patio. It includes the most requested features and can be completed in just a few days.

Check out The Haulstr Patio cost and details.

What Is The Haulstr Patio?

The Haulstr Patio is our signature product for a customer who would like a paver patio within a reasonable budget and done quickly. 

The Haulstr Patio takes 2-3 days to install, will be done within a 3 week period from purchase, and costs between $8,550 – $21,000.


225 square feet to 500 square feet.  (ex.  A 15×15 patio square or a 20×25 rectangular patio.)


We specialize in using Techo Bloc material and recommend a three piece pattern using Techo Blu 60.  Or a brick pattern using Techo Borealis.


Assume your typical cost for a patio will be $38-$42 per square foot depending on material purchased. 

Additional Options

Natural Fire Pit

4×4 Fire Pit made out of Borealis wall block, including a fire ring, lava rock, and insulating sand.  (Cost: $3,500)

Gas Fire Pit

4′ x 4′ Fire Pit made out of Borealis wall block, including a fire burner, lava rock,.  (Cost: $4,500).  Cost does NOT include running the gas line from meter to the pit.

Raised Flower Bed

4′ x 8′  raised flower bed made out of Borealis wall block (18 inches tall).  Includes Topsoil in the flower bed. (Cost $4,500)

Hardscape Installation

If you’re considering elevating the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, it’s essential to explore the world of hardscape installation. As a renowned industry specialist in the realm of landscape design and construction, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-notch hardscape solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing environment. But what exactly is hardscape? In essence, hardscape definition encompasses all non-living elements within a landscape, such as stone pathways, retaining walls, patios, custom firepits, and other man-made structures. These components not only add visual interest but also serve practical purposes within the overall scheme.

When it comes to hardscape installation meaning in construction, these elements are designed to enhance both the form and function of your outdoor patio space. They provide the foundation for various activities while simultaneously contributing to the overall beauty and atmosphere of your property. Hardscape installation is truly synonymous with an artful blend of design expertise and skilled workmanship that ensures your project stands out from ordinary landscaping jobs.

To put it simply, there isn’t a more suitable synonym for “hardscape” than “architectural excellence.” Hardscapes are versatile; they can be tailored to suit any preference or style by incorporating various materials like concrete, natural stone, bricks, or even metalwork. The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to designing these unique structures.

Of course, no discussion about hardscaping would be complete without mentioning some of its most popular elements. Some noteworthy examples include patios for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet evenings outdoors; retaining walls that offer both decorative value as well as erosion control; walkways that guide visitors throughout your property in an elegant manner; fire pits for socializing around a warm fire during cool nights; water features like fountains or ponds that provide a tranquil ambiance while promoting relaxation; and pergolas which offer shade and create outdoor living spaces.

In conclusion, investing in professional hardscape installation is the key to unlocking an outdoor haven that boasts eye-catching beauty, practical functionality, and a personalized touch. By integrating these architectural marvels into your landscape design, you’ll not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property but also create a space that caters to your unique lifestyle demands. Trust our industry expertise and outstanding craftsmanship to transform your outdoor area into a true masterpiece with hardscape elements that will withstand the test of time and leave a lasting impression.

Hardscape Landscaping

Hardscape landscaping is a specialized area of the landscaping industry that goes beyond the traditional grass, flowers, mulch, and plants. This innovative field focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor living spaces utilizing hardscape installation materials for landscaping, such as stone, concrete, and wood. As a highly trained hardscape landscaping company with years of experience in transforming ordinary yards into extraordinary retreats, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch services to our clients searching for “hardscape landscaping near me”. Our team at Haulstr are skilled professionals who understand the unique challenges involved in designing and installing hardscapes within various budget constraints, which is why we are excited to share our expertise and provide you with hardscaping ideas on a budget. Contact us today to get a quote for your project. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your property’s curb appeal or create an inviting outdoor entertainment area, our hardscape materials for landscaping provide endless possibilities for customization. From elegant pathways made of natural stone pavers to cozy gas fire pits surrounded by rustic brick seating walls, our extensive inventory allows us to cater to your specific needs while keeping costs in check. When it comes to finding a reliable hardscape landscaping company near you, rest assured that our team’s commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition. We believe that every client deserves personalized attention throughout the entire project – from initial consultation through final patio installation – ensuring complete satisfaction with the finished product.

In addition to offering creative hardscaping ideas on a budget tailored to suit each client’s unique preferences and lifestyle requirements, our company also specializes in more elaborate installations requiring intricate detail work and precision craftsmanship. We understand that investing in your property’s appearance is an important decision; therefore, we take great care in selecting only high-quality products designed for longevity and durability. No matter the size or scope of your project, trust in our expertise as an industry-leading hardscape landscaping company dedicated to providing exceptional service every step of the way. With your landscape dreams and our passion for turning them into reality, together we can create stunning outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time.

Hardscape Ideas

Hardscape ideas are an essential aspect of modern landscaping, offering a wide variety of innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to enhance the overall appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces. As an industry specialist with extensive experience in crafting bespoke hardscape designs, we understand the importance of striking the perfect balance between hardscape and landscape elements, ensuring that your property not only looks stunning but also serves its practical purposes. With a plethora of hardscape examples at our disposal, ranging from elegant patios and walkways to sophisticated water features and retaining walls, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform any outdoor area into a breathtaking oasis that seamlessly blends beauty with utility.

When it comes to the great debate between hardscape vs landscape, it is crucial for prospective clients to appreciate that these two aspects are in fact complementary rather than contradictory components of a well-designed outdoor space. While landscaping predominantly deals with the living features including plants, trees, and lawns; hardscaping primarily encompasses non-living elements such as stone pathways, wooden decks or pergolas, concrete walls and fire pits – just to mention a few examples. The key lies in integrating these diverse yet interconnected facets harmoniously so as to create a cohesive visual narrative that caters to your unique tastes and requirements.

As trusted experts in curating tailor-made hardscape ideas for our discerning clientele, we are committed to delivering unparalleled results that exceed your highest expectations. By carefully analyzing factors such as existing architecture, specific functional needs, topography, budget constraints as well as preferred materials and finishes; our team devises customized solutions that boast exquisite craftsmanship along with timeless elegance. With an unwavering dedication towards innovation coupled with keen attention to detail – whether it’s meticulously selecting each individual stone for your garden pathway or handpicking lighting fixtures that accentuate the vivid hues of your foliage – you can rest assured knowing that we will stop at nothing short of perfection while bringing your dream outdoor escape to life.

What Is Hardscape And Softscape

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space into an oasis, understanding the difference between hardscape and softscape is essential. In essence, what is hardscape and softscape? Hardscape refers to the solid, immovable elements of a landscape design, such as patios, walkways, walls, pools or anything made from wood, stone, concrete or metal. On the other hand, softscape encompasses all the living elements that provide color and texture to a yard or garden – think flowers, plants, trees and grasses. As you embark upon your landscaping journey and ponder options like hardscape vs softscape, it’s important not only to strike a balance between these two components but also to understand how each contributes to creating a cohesive outdoor living space.

Delving deeper into the softscape definition takes us beyond simply planting flowers or shrubs; proper planning is crucial for achieving year-round beauty with varying colors and textures throughout each season. From selecting appropriate plant species based on climate and soil conditions to carefully considering placement for optimal growth and aesthetic appeal, mastering the art of softscape requires expertise in horticulture as well as design principles. Meanwhile, hardscape serves multiple purposes – functioning not only as a framework for your outdoor area but also offering practical solutions such as drainage control or accessibility improvements. Combining both hardscape and softscape elements in harmony can result in visually appealing spaces while addressing any functional requirements.

Ultimately, successful landscaping projects merge creativity with technical knowledge through careful planning of every detail – from adhering to local regulations regarding water usage and safety codes to selecting complementary materials that enhance overall aesthetic appeal. By implementing innovative design techniques alongside expertly chosen plants tailored specifically for their environment (and maintaining those plants over time), even novice gardeners will find themselves equipped with all the tools necessary to transform any outdoor space into a stunning sanctuary. With so many possibilities at our fingertips when exploring what is hardscape and softscape, there’s never been a better time to reimagine your backyard or garden as the ultimate retreat.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape design, an integral part of the landscaping world, focuses on the non-living elements that make up a beautiful and functional outdoor space. As a landscape and hardscape design specialist, I can confidently say that our team offers top-notch landscape solutions tailored to suit every customer’s unique preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for easy landscaping ideas for beginners or you desire more intricate designs to enhance your existing yard, we’ve got you covered. With an extensive knowledge base in hardscape aquariums and other stunning water features, our passion lies in transforming bland outdoor spaces into visually appealing masterpieces.

To delve deeper into the realm of hardscape design, it’s crucial to understand the importance of cohesive landscape and hardscape integration. The perfect blend of softscape (plants) and hardscape (non-living materials) elements result in aesthetically pleasing yet functional spaces that meet various requirements, such as providing ample room for entertainment or offering a tranquil oasis for relaxation. Our seasoned experts have mastered this art, delivering unparalleled landscape solutions that cater to every aspect of outdoor living.

Apart from residential yards and gardens, we also possess expertise in curating mesmerizing hardscape aquariums—bringing a touch of aquatic serenity indoors. These exquisite aquatic landscapes not only serve as unique focal points but also create a soothing atmosphere, fostering relaxation within your home or office space.

For those seeking easy landscaping ideas for beginners and inspiration to spruce up their property without breaking the bank or investing immense time and effort, our team is here to help. We offer practical solutions suited to varying budgets and skill levels while ensuring striking results that leave lasting impressions.

In conclusion, when it comes to exceptional hardscape design services—encompassing all aspects ranging from landscape solutions perfect for beginners to sophisticated landscape and hardscape installation—one need not look further than our dedicated team of experts who bring years of industry experience, unmatched creativity, and unwavering commitment to transforming outdoor spaces. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how hardscape elements can seamlessly blend with the natural environment, we guarantee results that exceed expectations and leave our clients thoroughly satisfied.